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Boston College Football A 100-to-1 Longshot To Win ACC Championship

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

This year’s college football odds are up at Bovada, and unsurprisingly Boston College is a longshot to win the ACC Championship. What is somewhat surprising is that BC is listed with the longest odds of any team in the conference - 100/1.

Oddly enough, BC’s odds of winning the ACC Atlantic are listed at 40/1, actually better than Syracuse and Wake Forest who are both listed at 50/1. Yet BC’s odds of winning the whole thing are 100/1, compared to 75/1 for Wake Forest and ‘Cuse. Perhaps one of the wiseguys out there can explain that one to us.

Full odds to win the ACC Title:

Clemson 3/2

Florida State 9/4

Miami 9/1

Louisville 10/1

North Carolina 10/1

Pittsburgh 14/1

Virginia Tech 14/1

Georgia Tech 16/1

NC State 20/1

Duke 40/1

Syracuse 75/1

Virginia 75/1

Wake Forest 75/1

Boston College 100/1

Odds to win the ACC Atlantic:

Clemson 10/11

Florida State 5/4

Louisville 6/1

NC State 14/1

Boston College 40/1

Syracuse 50/1

Wake Forest 50/1

Odds to win the ACC Coastal:

Miami 3/2

Pittsburgh 3/1

Virginia Tech 3/1

North Carolina 17/4

Georgia Tech 10/1

Duke 20/1

Virginia 40/1