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Blake Bolden Gets Her Day With the Isobel Cup

Bolden was a member of the first team to win the NWHL championship.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

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Last March, the Boston Pride became the first ever Isobel Cup champions. Throughout the summer, each member of the 2015-16 Boston Pride team will get the chance to spend a few days with the Cup. We’ll be following the Cup’s adventures as it travels around the USA. The Cup recently spent a day with Blake Bolden at the Women's Beantown Classic.

When Blake Bolden found out that she would be getting the Isobel Cup during the Women’s Beantown Classic, she knew she wanted to let as many fans see the Cup as possible. The Beantown Classic, which is held in Marlborough, MA, is one of the top amateur showcase for female hockey players.

Bolden reached out to fans via social media to let them know she would be bringing the Cup to the event and to encourage them to come take pictures with it. It was particularly important for Bolden to be able to share the Cup with the younger players. Being able to see how happy the players and their families were to see the Cup was rewarding for Bolden, who hoped to encourage the girls to keep working hard to achieve their hockey dreams.

Bolden, who has already signed on to play with the Pride next season, was able to see the impact of the NWHL firsthand while she had the Cup. She noted that when sharing the Cup with the younger players, the reaction she got was “almost relief.” Seeing the Isobel Cup in person was proof that one day they could win a professional hockey trophy themselves. Bolden saw that the girls were thrilled to “see and hold something that is definitely worth all their hard work and [to know] maybe one day they will hoist it over their head in a final Isobel Cup game!”

In retrospect, Bolden could not think of a better way to share the Cup than spending time with young players. She said that “seeing young, bright, hopeful faces made the experience amazing.” Bolden also mentioned that since the Cup is so heavy, she did not want to try taking it too many places.

After spending time with Bolden and some young New England hockey players, the Cup is heading to North Carolina to visit Alyssa Gagliardi and her hockey campers.