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Boston College GIF of the Year: Quarterfinals, Matchup #1

The GIF that keeps on GIF'ing

Elsa/Getty Images

We're back!

How did everyone like round 1? For such a terrible year in BC sports (our best-ever Director's Cup finish notwithstanding), we had a pretty solid selection of GIFs this year.

Let's jump right back into it with the quarterfinals.

Cangelosi Dunks On BU

Austin Cangelosi advanced from the Octofinals in the tournament's opening matchup. It was Cangelosi vs. Cangelosi, and Cangelosi's shifty penalty shot goal came away with the victory by a hefty 76-24 margin over his similar goal against Merrimack.

Goals against the Terriers definitely count for extra.

Colin White's Smooch

It's hockey vs. hockey in our first quarterfinal bout! Colin White gave a solid taunt to the Vermont Catamounts and it was captured on BC's live stream. This GIF took down Alex Carpenter's overtime goal against the Terriers in the first round by close 55-45 vote.

Here's the updated bracket:

Only four matchups for the quarterfinals, so we'll be into the semis and finals next week.

You have 24 hours to vote on today's matchup -- until Tuesday at 9am. Make your voices heard!