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Steve Addazio Regrets Not Taking Transfer QB Last Season

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

In a conversation on Matt Fortuna of ESPN during the ACC Media Kickoff, Boston College head coach Steve Addazio says that he regretted not bringing in a grad school transfer quarterback for the 2015 season. Check out this link for the full video.

Addazio says he underestimated the effect the young players would have on the team. If you remember, sophomore quarterback Darius Wade was set to be the starter, but was knocked out for the season after suffering a leg injury against Florida State. There really wasn’t a strong plan B in place after Wade, and Addazio struggled to figure out who to play.

After his injury, it was a revolving door of young quarterbacks who struggled including pass first Troy Flutie, option QB Jeff Smith, and walk on QB John Fadule. They were all equally ineffective when their numbers were called. Both Flutie and Smith struggled with injuries as well.

Now some of the struggles had to do with an offensive line that didn’t give the play callers any time to breathe, but the green-ness of the trio also played a major factor. By the end of the season BC had the 125th ranked passing attack in the country (averaging 110 yards a game) only beating out option schools like Navy, Army, and Georgia Southern.

Going into 2016, Boston College has two solid options for the starting gig. Learning from his mistake in 2015, head coach Steve Addazio went out and landed Kentucky QB transfer Patrick Towles. While the SEC experienced QB isn’t going to be perfect, he certainly is a major upgrade over any of the options BC had last year. Also based on his spring game, QB Darius Wade looked much more confident out there, which could be due to the improvements on the offensive line, or the mentorship of new offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler, an acclaimed quarterback guru.

Will BC’s passing attack improve this season? They almost certainly have to, there is no way they can be as ineffective as they were in 2015.