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Boston College GIF of the Year: Octofinals, Matchup #2

Choosy moms choose GIF

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Day 1 of the GIF tournament was Cangelosi vs. Cangelosi, and unfortunately for Cangelosi, Cangelosi handily defeated Cangelosi to to advance to the quarterfinals. Good for Cangelosi. Better luck next year for Cangelosi.

Matchup number two features a bit more variety, but it's still hockey vs. hockey. I think we're going to find that hockey was about 95% of the positives of BC athletics this year.

Carp Drops BU

In a year where BC Women's Hockey went through its opponents like Sherman through the south, Alex Carpenter's OT goal against the Terriers stood out as one of the great moments of a season.

Colin White's Smooch

Colin White chirped a Vermont Catamount with a little kiss earlier this year. That's quality taunting.

Here's the bracket so far. We'll unveil another matchup each day until the bracket is complete.

You have 24 hours, until 9am on Wednesday, to vote on today's GIF!