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Boston College Men’s Rugby Team Reaches 2016 Collegiate Rugby Championship Semifinals

Over the course of the two day USA Sevens Collegiate Rugby Championship (CRC) national tournament, the Boston College Men’s Rugby team's advanced to the Bowl Semi-Final against Maryland.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The CRC is a gathers the best collegiate rugby 7s teams to compete for the national title. Many of the teams that play in the tournament are varsity level, while others, like BC, compete at the club level during the regular season.

For our readers that are unfamiliar with rugby, 7s is a faster pace game with 7 players a side instead of 15 and the matches are divided into two 7 minute halves, instead of two 40 minute halves. To score in rugby, a player must ‘touch the ball’ down over the ‘try’ line - similar to the end zone in football. Each try is worth 5 points. Once a try is scored, the team has an opportunity to ‘convert’ (kick) for an additional two points.

The 7s Tournament lasts two days. BC faced pool opponents Indiana, Kutztown, Notre Dame on day one. On day two, they faced Michigan and Maryland in the bowl quarterfinals and semifinals.

BC started off well with a win against their first opponent, Indiana.  The final score was 21-12.  Tries were scored by Joey D’Antonio and Duncan Wood (2), with 3 conversions scored by Dylan Pritchard.

BC lost their second game to Kutztown by a score of 22-10. Tries were scored for BC by Joey D’Antonio and Kaiser Willy Hock. Kutztown ended up coming in 3rd in the tournament.

The final match of the day was against BC's rival, Notre Dame. BC ended up losing 24-14, but they overcame a first period 24-0 deficit to make the loss less of a landslide. Tries were scored by Duncan Wood and captain Danny Schatzman.  Both tries were converted.

On day 2, BC played in the bowl quarterfinals and semifinals against Michigan and Maryland. BC dominated against Michigan in their first match.  The match was a shutout with BC not allowing any tries or penalties by Michigan.  The final score was 21-0.  Tries were scored by Connor Shaw, Joey D’Antonio, and Danny Schatzman.

In BC’s final match of the day, the Eagles fell to Maryland with a final score of 15-12. Tries were scored by Dylan Pritchard and Duncan Wood.  The tries were converted by Pritchard. Despite losing in the semifinals, BC gave a strong performance for a club team and it should be exciting to see what next season brings for the team.

Thanks to BCI special guest and former BC women's rugby player, Rose Ellen Diffley, for her insight on BC's rugby team and their play in the USA Sevens Collegiate Rugby Championship!