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BREAKING NEWS: BC Athletics Tightens Up School Twitter Names

BC Twitter Fail

Boston College Athletics unveiled huge news today via social media. All week, the various BC Twitter handles have been teasing us about a big announcement that would be hitting the internet by Friday. The news was so YUUUGE that BC announced it early.

No it’s not breaking ground on the new Indoor Practice Facility, no they haven’t started constructing the new baseball field, no changes in tailgating, heck no alternate uniforms announced for the football season

No, the big secret that BC Athletics has been teasing all week is (drum roll please):

(via Chris Cameron’s Twitter)

Wow. I’ll give you a moment to compose yourself. Have you calmed down yet? Good.

That is some killer news right there. So make sure that if you are using social media accounts you make those changes, otherwise you won’t get breaking news like this in the future. Now carry on with the remainder of your day.