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The Boston College Offensive Line: Where Do They Fall In Returning Starts?

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest issues that Boston College football faced last year was the immense struggles of the offensive line. It seemed like they just couldn't get holes open in the running game, and quarterbacks were scrambling due to break down in blocks on every play. There could have been multiple reasons for this. Young and inexperienced players plugged in throughout the year, players returning from injuries, or a lack of cohesion.

Irregardless of why you think they struggled last year, they struggled. This year, most of the same crew will be returning (sans Harris Williams and Dave Bowen). One of the stats that analysts love to look at is returning starts. The theory going into the value of this statistic is that the most returning starts there are, the more cohesive the group, the better the communication etc. Let's see where BC falls in the ACC in this statistic (per Phil Steele's blog)

2. North Carolina 131
12. Pittsburgh 99
18. Virginia Tech 90
25. Miami 85
32. Wake Forest 78
39. Virginia 74
39. Florida State 74
53. Boston College 65
57. NC State 63
80. Louisville 53
81. Georgia Tech 52
81. Duke 52
95. Clemson 46
110. Syracuse 34

As you can see BC falls right in the middle of the pack in terms of starts. Now this statistic doesn't take into account the talent of players, and also transfers (i.e Jimmy Lowrery of Eastern Illinois). But it gives you a sense that BC should theoretically have a better offensive line this season. They are returning a good amount of starters (Jon Baker, Chris Lindstrom, Aaron Monteiro, and Jim Cashman) all saw significant playing time in 2015.

Will a year of maturation help this offensive line? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.