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Boston College-Georgia Tech Postponed To Saturday

Eagles and Yellow Jackets will play a doubleheader to determine who wins the series starting at noon.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The scheduled baseball game on Friday between the Boston College Eagles and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets has been postponed due to rain, per both team's Twitter accounts. The game will be rescheduled to a doubleheader on Saturday beginning at 12 PM.

As a result of the postponement, Justin Dunn will work on Saturday morning in the makeup game. Dunn was expected to start on Friday for the Eagles. Jacob Stevens will follow in the third game, which will be 30 minutes after the conclusion of the opener.

Normally, this would mean that the nightcap of the doubleheader would be impacted by a "drop dead time." By rule, no game can start an inning after a predetermined time, normally to allow the visiting team enough time to reach the airport and get on a flight home. Given travel arrangements, it would be possible with the series ending on a Saturday that the teams could play two nine-inning games with no drop dead time. There is no word on if that would happen in this case.

No game can begin on Sunday. The ACC season must be complete on Saturday with the start of the ACC Tournament on May 24th.

Georgia Tech defeated a tentative Boston College team in the first game of the series on Thursday, 6-3. The winner of this series clinches a slot in the ACC Tournament, while the team that does not win still has a chance depending on the amount of wins that they have at the end of the weekend.

Boston College must win at least one game to have a mathematical chance to clinch a spot in the ACC Tournament. By going 1-2, they can clinch as long as both Clemson and NC State sweep their respective opponents - Notre Dame and North Carolina. If Georgia Tech sweeps BC, the Eagles cannot make the ACC Tournament.

UPDATE: Per the release from Boston College, only the first game will be televised on ESPN3 tomorrow. The second game of the doubleheader will not be broadcast via ESPN3. Audio should still be available via WREK.