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BC Women's Hockey Dream Lineups: Lots Of Familiar Names

BC women's hockey history gives a legendary starting six

BC Athletics

Laura put together a men's hockey "dream lineup" yesterday, so it got our wheels turning: What would BC women's hockey's dream lineup be?

At the risk of showing too much recency bias, there seems to be no doubt that a solid chunk of the best BC women's hockey players in program history have come through over the last few years.

Going undefeated for huge stretches of the season will do that.

First Team

Goalie: Molly Schaus. Current junior Katie Burt has a strong case to be BC's top all-time goaltender. She's became the fastest and youngest goalie ever to reach 50 wins, and has put up video-game stats in her first two seasons.

But Molly Schaus gets the nod for first team goalie. Her teams weren't the juggernauts of the last few years, and she backstopped some of the biggest upsets in program history -- notably, her 73 save triple-overtime win against #6 Harvard in the Beanpot and 47 save double-overtime win against #3 Dartmouth to send BC to its first Frozen Four.

Defense: Emily Pfalzer and Megan Keller. Pfalzer stands alone at the top of BC's all-time defenseman list. She's the only BC defenseman to be named to the Patty Kaz final ten, and her senior year she was 6th in the nation in assists. Keller has only been at BC for two years, and it's already apparent that she's not just one of the best defensemen in BC history, but also one of the best current defensmen in the world. She's a near lock to make Team USA in the next Olympics -- one of a handful of BC players likely to make the roster.

Forward: Alex Carpenter, Kelli Stack, Haley Skarupa. Alex Carpenter is BC's only Patty Kazmaier award winner. She nearly won the award twice in a row. She holds almost every Eagle record. Stack was Carpenter before Carpenter was Carpenter. Without the supporting cast that Carpenter enjoyed on the Heights, Stack was often the focal point of the offense, patenting the "Skate around the perimeter of the offensive zone until a lane opened up and then shoot or pass" play. Skarupa was always unfairly in Carpenter's shadow may have been BC's most electric player ever. Carpenter may have been the best all-around player, but few players in the NCAA had as much sizzle as Skarupa.

Second Team

There are so many top players that don't get credit because of how good the top 6 are that I felt it was necessary to put together a First and Second team.

Goalie: Katie Burt. She's young, but she may surpass Schaus before all is said and done. Still has an opportunity to bring a national title to the Heights, which would easily launch her right to the top.

Defense: Lexi Bender, Blake Bolden, and Katelyn Kurth. I picked three players because it's my article and whateva I do what I want.

Bender was nearly as good as Pfalzer, and possessed an offensive ability that BC is really going to miss next season. Bolden started out at BC as a ball of raw talent, and her penalty numbers showed it. But by the time she graduated, she was one of BC's best all-around blueliners, and she's had a successful run in the pros since graduation. Kurth was one of the best defensive defensemen to ever come through the Heights... a lock-down D if there ever was one.

Forward: Allie Thunstrom, Kate Leary, Meghan Fardelmann. Allie Thunstrom was clearly first team until Carpenter and Skarupa came rolling through. Leary exploded as an offensive force her junior and senior years. Fardelmann had a lightning quick stride from the era before BC's recent successes and had, until this season, BC's biggest goal in program history.

All People's Choice Award Team

G Amanda Rothschild
D Tracy Johnson
D Kaliya Johnson
F Lauren Wiedmeier
F Lee-J Mirasolo
F Meghan Fardelmann

And for the record, there's an unofficial, definitely-not-made-up annual award for this as well:

Ah, the offseason.

Anyway, the staff's BCWH Dream Team is pretty close to unanimous. Is there anyone we missed?


Goalie: Katie Burt
Defense: Emily Pfalzer, Megan Keller
Forward: Alex Carpenter, Haley Skarupa, Kelli Stack


Goalie: Molly Schaus
Defense: Emily Pfalzer, Blake Bolden
Forward: Alex Carpenter, Haley Skarupa, Kelli Stack


Alums/Seniors only:

Goalie: Molly Schaus
Defense: Emily Pfalzer, Blake Bolden
Forward: Alex Carpenter, Kelli Stack, Haley Skarupa