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Which Players Make Up Your Dream BC Hockey Lineup?

With so many great players to choose from, this was tough.

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Watching so many BC Hockey alumni in the post-season got us thinking about who we would combine to make a BC dream team. You can read our answers below, and then let us know yours in the comments!


Instead of picking just "superstar" players, I picked players that I thought would compliment each other. This is going to seem random, but I stand by it. Also I wouldn't be me if my dream lineup wasn't a little random.

Goalie: Cory Schneider. There are a bunch of great goalies you can choose from when looking at BC alumni, but I'd go with Schneids because he's consistent and can make some crazy good saves. (Now if only he had an NHL team that could back him up with some offense..)

Defense: Brian Dumoulin and Mike Brennan. I picked Dumoulin because I'd want a defender who is really solid defensively but can also score some points. Dumoulin has a consistently high +/- and is good for a lot of assists and a few goals. I could've picked either Tommy Cross or Mike Brennan for my second defenseman because I want somebody who is a great leader and is willing to do anything to block shots. I picked Mike Brennan because he had fewer injury issues and was the captain in 2008 which was my first championship as a diehard BC Hockey fan. So he's always going to be one of my favorites even if he never became a star.

Forwards: Johnny Gaudreau, Brian Boyle, and Brian Gibbons. I mean, you have to pick Johnny Gaudreau. He scores goals, sets up plays, and is virtually untouchable. I picked Gibbons as the other winger because he's great at setting up plays and would mesh well with Gaudreau in that regard, but he's also chippy and willing to get into fights. You want a tough guy on the ice with Gaudreau. Boyle balances out the short stature of Gaudreau and Gibbons and provides a solid face-off win percentage. He can score, he'll block shots, and he's tough. (I also wouldn't be opposed to having the Gaudreau-Arnold-Hayes line as my forwards. It's tough to argue with their success.)


One- or two- and dones do not qualify to be in any "Best BC hockey player" discussion.

Goalie: Cory Schneider
Defense: Megan Keller and Mike Mottau
Forwards: Johnny Gaudreau, Nathan Gerbe, and Brian Gionta.


Goalie: Cory Schneider
Defense: Brian Leetch and Mike Mottau
Forwards: Johnny Gaudreau, Bill Guerin, and Brian Gionta.


Goalie: Cory Schneider
Defense: Brian Leetch and Mike Mottau
Forwards: Johnny Gaudreau, David Emma, and Brian Gionta.

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