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Stanley Cup 2016: Second Round Recap and Third Round Rooting Guide

It's down to Boyle vs. Dumoulin...

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Round 2 Recap

Dallas vs. St. Louis

Pat Eaves, the only BC player in this series, missed 4 games due to injury. Eaves scored the only Stars goal in Dallas' Game 7 loss.

Tampa Bay vs. New York Islanders

Brian Boyle was the only BC player in this series. Boyle scored two goals in the series, including the Game 3 OT winner for Tampa, his first playoff OT goal.

Washington vs. Pittsburgh

Brooks Orpik (WSH) and Brian Dumoulin (PIT) were the two BC players in this series. Brooks Orpik missed three games for Washington after being suspended. His loss was definitely felt by Washington, but bad penalties from him in his return to the team contributed to Pittsburgh's win. Dumoulin picked up 2 assists in Game 4, including an assist on the OT winner. Dumoulin also picked up an assist in Game 6.

Round 3 Rooting Guide

Tampa Bay vs. Pittsburgh

Root for Tampa.

Both teams have a BC player (and a BC Brian): Brian Boyle plays for Tampa and Brian Dumoulin plays for Pittsburgh. Bill Guerin is the Assistant General Manager for Pittsburgh, which tilts the balance towards the Penguins, but we're rooting for Tampa. Pittsburgh has won a Stanley Cup fairly recently, while Tampa hasn't won since 2004. Additionally, Dumoulin likely has more years left in his career than Boyle does, so we'd rather have Boyle win now. Boyle also played for BC for 4 years compared to Dumoulin's three (although we certainly don't fault Dumoulin for leaving - he was ready). Finally, Pittsburgh has Bonino (BU) and it's always fun to root against BU :)

Either way, BC fans win. So we won't judge you too much if you're rooting for Pittsburgh.

St. Louis vs. San Jose

Root for St. Louis.

Neither team has any BC alumni currently playing for them, and both teams have BU alums. The best team to root for as a BC fan in St. Louis because Peter Harrold plays for their AHL affiliate and saw a bit of NHL action this season. (I'm actually rooting for the Sharks, but oh well.)

Minor Leagues

Ben Smith is the only BC alum still playing for a minor league trophy. His Toronto Marlies are hoping to win the AHL's Calder Cup. Paul Carey's Hershey Bears are also still in the Calder Cup race, but Carey is out for the remainder of the season.