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BC Hockey Second Semester Recap: The Taylor Swift Edition

Haters gonna hate...

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Here is Part 1 in case you missed the recap of the first half of the season.

12/28: BC 2, Ohio State 3


This was not a good one.

12/29: BC 1, Providence 2


This gif is relevant because a) we were angry about the loss and b) there was a delay in the game when A LIGHT CAUGHT FIRE.

1/8: BC 7, Providence 3


This was great payback for the loss to Providence in Florida.

1/9: BC 4, Providence 4

provgame 2 gif

We're never thrilled with a tie, but we were happy enough to get a win and a tie against Providence.

1/15: BC 5, BU 3


We love beating BU.

1/16: BC 1, BU 1


We really wanted to get JY1K at BU, but better a tie than a loss.

1/22: BC 8, UMass 0

JY1K gif


1/23: BC 3, UConn 3


tswift idk gif

1/29: BC 4, Notre Dame 0

nd tswift gif

This was much better than BC's loss to ND earlier in the season. And another shutout for Demko!

2/1: BC 3, Harvard 2

harvardbeanpot gif

Very exciting. But not worth much unless we win the trophy, so also stressful.

2/5: BC 4, UNH 3

unh gif

It wasn't a graceful win. But it was a win.

2/8: BC 1, BU 0

First we were worried that the game might get postponed because of snow, but it wasn't, so we were like:

good tswift gif

And then BC won in OT after a scoreless game and we FREAKED OUT.

beanpot tswift gif

tswift gif celebrate

2/12: BC 6, Merrimack 3

mack tswift gif 1

After a few close games, it was good to see BC get a decisive win.

2/13: BC 5, Merrimack 5


2/19: BC 3, UVM 1

Not a thrilling or surprising win, but still yay.

2/20: BC 4, UVM 1

At first we were worried because of all the Saturday ties...


2/26: BC 3, UML 1

A solid win against a tough team made us feel pretty good about BC.

2/27: BC 1, UML 3

A loss was not how we wanted BC to end the regular season. A terribly played game was also not how we wanted BC to end the regular season.

3/1: BC 3, UVM 0

We felt pretty good after this one. BC looked better than they did their last game out, and we weren't worried about Saturday...

3/12: BC 4, UVM 2

...but we were wrong. BC started out looking good. And then they completely fell apart.

3/13: BC 4, UVM 3

Before the game we were all kind of annoyed and concerned because of Saturday night's game:

And then BC let UVM tie the game and even get ahead, so we were like:

But BC won in OT so we were happy, even though it was a terrible win.

3/18: BC 4, Northeastern 5

We were nervous before this game because of how BC played against UVM.

Then BC got off to a VERY early lead so we were like:

And then almost the entire team stopped playing like they cared whether or not they won, so they lost. And we were like:
(Some of us might have a tendency to be a little overdramatic and overemotional about BC Hockey. IT'S FINE. WE'RE NORMAL ADULTS I SWEAR.)

3/22: Hockey East 11, Notre Dame 1

3/25: BC 4, Harvard 1

We were VERY nervous before the game because BC had looked so checked out in their Hockey East Tournament games. But we were also excited because we believed that Coach York and the guys would figure it out.

And then BC won and we were so excited and felt so much better.

3/26: BC 3, Minnesota Duluth 2

BC was doing really well, but then they kind of fell apart a little.

But then they won anyways and we were like "YESSS TAMPA BOUND!"

4/7: BC 2, Quinnipiac 3

See you in October, BC Hockey