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Doug Flutie on Dancing with the Stars: Week Three

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Note from Laura in response to last week's comments section: This is a very serious column that all of us at BCI take very seriously.

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Laura: Doug is dancing a waltz this week, which is a more graceful dance. Do you think he'll be able to build off of last week or do you think he will stumble?

Becca: I think he'll be able to build upon last week. This week's theme is "Most Memorable Year," and his dance is dedicated to his parents and their love story. The emotional connection will help him - even when he struggled in the first week, his energy and connection drew the audience in.

Laura: I definitely agree that having a connection will help him - that connection with the dance and with the audience is going to be vital if he wants to keep moving forward.

Becca: The waltz can be tricky because it is slow and graceful. It can be tough to convey energy and emotion through a slower dance, so it does really help when there is a meaning behind it.

Laura: I'm pretty excited that we're getting into theme weeks, because it seems like it will make everything more dramatic and ridiculous.

Becca: This week is always very emotional, so it will be an interesting week.

Laura: I wish he wasn't so early in the show again. I still think that people who go later probably get more votes because people remember them better.


Laura: Doug is dancing in honor of his parents which is nice but sad. I'm not saying Becca and I are going to cry, but we might.

Becca: His posture looks a lot better.

Laura: I get the rainbow arms, but I don't love them. Also just not loving the musical arrangements in general this week.

Becca: Ohhh no he tripped. He'll get points off.

Laura: I thought he did good besides tripping!

Becca: Yea, his posture and his arms were good.

Laura: I feel like the judges are over him.

Becca: It's hard to follow Ginger since they love her.

Laura: Why is Kendra from The Girls Next Door crying in the audience?

Becca: Carrie Ann is actually crying, so that's a good sign. He got much better comments than I expected and he did well. His transitions need work, but his posture has improved so much.


Becca: I liked what Len said about the switch from last week's aggressive dance to this week's soft dance because that does show versatility.

Laura: Doug is going to need a lot of fan votes to stay in the competition, and I'm not sure that his fans and people who are watching DWTS overlap enough.

Thoughts on the Other Dancers:

Ginger Zee: We didn't like the arrangement of the song. We also aren't huge fans of contemporary compared to the other styles (although Becca points out that it is more difficult than people think.) Overall just mediocre, but of course the judges love her.

Kim Fields: It was great that it was a tribute to The Facts of Life, but it just didn't pack an emotional punch. Becca says she expected more of an actress. The judges liked her a lot though.

Von Miller: She did great. And the lifts were nice? Becca noticed that he got a little off beat. We were really surprised that he got the same score as Doug.

Marla Maples: Our roommate, Emily, met her once. The Minions costume theme was not great. Becca thought her kicks were weak. The judges are obsessed with her though.

Antonio Brown: HIS SON IS SO CUTE HE IS STEALING THE SHOW. Becca said he did very well with his frame. He was clearly having a lot of fun with it and his kid was very cute even though that was a clear ploy for votes. They were much more critical of him than of other contestants?

Paige VanZant: We liked the concept and we think she's really good. She's one of Laura's favorites. We knew that Len was going to criticize it for not being traditional enough. She's Laura's favorite (besides Doug).

Jodie Sweetin: We respect her a lot for being so open about her struggles with addiction. She did a good job - better than we expected, but not outstanding. She could be a dark horse because we think she's going to keep improving.

Mischa Barton: At least she had fun this week!

Wayna Morris: The concept for this dance was not Laura's favorite. Roommate Emily thinks it is weird that he keeps dancing to his own songs. He's really good though. Becca thinks he's a tad bit flatfooted. The song and the dance didn't quite fit together, but obviously the judges are going to love it.

Nyle DiMarco: He's so good and it is out of control.

We'll be updating our Spotify playlist with Flutie's song choices each week so that YOU can dance like Flutie whenever you want:

Once Becca's dance class dressed as Kermit and Miss Piggy and danced to Muppet Treasure Island. When Laura was 12, her dance studio's show was Shrek.