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NFL Draft 2016: Could Today Be The Big Day For Safety Justin Simmons

Could the BC safety see his name called today?

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The first day of the draft is in the books, and not surprisingly no Boston College players were drafted. Even with the talent coming on defense, most draftniks rightfully predicted this would happen. But this evening is when the fun starts for the BC players looking to move on to the NFL.

The big name to watch for tonight is safety Justin Simmons. His projections have been all over the place, ranging from late second round to fourth round. SBNation Draft Blog Mocking the Draft has Simmons as the 98th best prospect in the draft, which would put him somewhere in the late 3rd-4th round. Of course when you start to get later in the draft, especially after the middle of the 2nd round, picks can be very surprising.

According to MTD there are five safeties that are ranked higher than Simmons. Those players would be Vonn Bell from Ohio State (33), Darian Thompson, Boise State (48), Jeremy Cash, Duke (71), T.J. Green, Clemson (77), Sean Davis, Maryland (95). That's a lot of talent at that position, and could hinder Simmons chances of getting drafted on Friday night. Then again, it only takes one coach that likes his workouts/film/interview to reach ahead of those others and grab him. And from everything I've read, Simmons killed it at the combine, and has been equally impressive in his workouts.

Moving forward this weekend, it's interesting to note where MTD has defensive tackle Connor Wujciak, at 265, which would put him right on the cusp of being drafted. Steven Daniels did not make the list. If they aren't drafted, both will certainly be signed as undrafted free agents.