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Frozen Fenway Reportedly Set to Return Next Season

The teams have not been finalized.

Elsa/Getty Images

Per Mike McMahon, Frozen Fenway is set to return next season. The teams have not been set, but it wouldn't be a surprise to see BC participating again. Some people will be excited about this. I'm sure is it very fun for the players, especially the guys that grew up Red Sox fans. BC Interruption, however, is not thrilled. Here are Joe's thoughts from the last Frozen Fenway announcement - our views haven't changed much.

The first Frozen Fenway was fun and special because it was a BC/BU rivalry game, and it was a big event. It's considerably less exciting when the games happen every couple of years with less special match-ups. Add to that the fact that the games are expensive and could likely happen during winter break, and the current students that might be more excited about the game than jaded oldies like us are less likely to turn out in large numbers.

Frozen Fenway games have, in the past, taken the place of BC home games. In my experience, Fenway isn't the ideal place to watch a hockey game - it's tough to see what's going on from the majority of the available seating at the event, and I'd much rather be in Conte where it is slightly less cold and you can follow the game. Considering the fact that BC has already played BU and Notre Dame in Frozen Fenway, they'll probably end up with a different team if they play in this year's games. I may be wrong, but I would suspect that fans will be less likely to buy tickets to BC vs. UConn hockey at Fenway than BC vs. BU or Notre Dame.

TLD;DR:  Frozen Fenway is expensive and cold, you can't see the game, and it could take the place of a BC home game.

I'll still go if this happens and BC plays, but...