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Doug Flutie on Dancing with the Stars: Week 6

Congrats to Doug Flutie on a great DWTS journey.

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Laura: The Blackhawks/Blues game is more important to me than DWTS, so sorry if I am distracted. Surprisingly, Doug wasn't in the bottom last time there was an elimination, despite his low scores. He must have a significant fan base voting for him - do you think that can help him to overcome his extremely low Disney Night scores and mediocre Switch Up scores?

Becca: I don't necessarily think he's going to be voted off this week, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's in the bottom.

Laura: Doug and Karina are the only pair doing a Bollywood dance this week. Is that unusual? How do you think it will affect his performance?

Becca: It's very unusual and they don't really do Bollywood on the show, so I'm surprised. It could work in his favor because there isn't going to be anyone doing the same kind of dance for people to compare him to. I think they might be able to tailor Bollywood to his skills, but it's also tricky because they're recreating a dance so there isn't much room for creativity. I think the judges will focus on creativity but recognizability with everyone.

Laura: To be honest, I'm a little concerned. The line between cultural appropriation and respectfully honoring another culture is pretty thin. I hope they do this in a tasteful way. (Cue everyone hating me in the comments.)

Becca: I read that Karina was stressed after last week because Maks said she didn't have a lot of content in her dance and Latin dances are her specialty, so she might try to have a more difficult dance this week. I think she'll want to come back strong this week.

Laura: How do you think switching back to their original partners will effect the dancers?

Becca: I think most of them will be relieved and more comfortable. You get used to how people dance and choreograph.

Laura: I think this whole week is going to be full of harsh critique from us because it is tough not to compare the dances to the famous originals.


Becca: Doug and Karina both seem very confused. But he looks pretty good in rehersals.

Laura: Oh my gosh he's having so much fun.

Becca: This is honestly pretty good. I think Bollywood is his jam.

Special Guest, Roommate Yasin: That was just very cute.

Laura: I love Len's judging rhymes. It seems like they actually liked it. But Bruno just stepped over that cultural respect line that I was worried about. I felt like Doug and Karina really just had fun with it and honored the dance though.

Becca: His energy was good and I thought he did really hit most of his steps.

Laura: I don't think that deserved all 7s. He had fun and he was much better than he has been.

Becca: I agree, he was really into it and I think he deserved better scores.

Laura: I still think the producers seem to want him gone.

Becca: I feel like, again, they were more critical of him. Ginger's dance was equally easy and she got much better scores. I liked it so I don't care what they say.

Well, it's been fun. Doug heads home. I hope you all enjoyed following along with us!

Thoughts on the Other Dancers:

Kim Fields: We did not like Kim shading Keo. She came off as pretty unlikable in her intro this week, which is interesting because she's been getting positive intro videos prior to this week. Her footwork was good, but her arms weren't ask sharp. The original is a very exuberant dance, and we didn't feel she truly embodied that.

Von Miller: He was stiff, but a lot better than we anticipated he would be. He's always having fun when he dances, so he's enjoyable to watch even though he isn't the best. He was more connected to his "role" than Kim was in the first dance of the night.

Jodie Sweetin: We did not know this was an iconic dance?  The content is an interesting choice for a dancing competition, but she did well with it. It was really tricky and she pulled it off.

Paige VanZant: We are biased because Paige is our favorite, but we thought she was really good. She didn't get thrown by any of the little tricks, and a lot of times they do. They both did a good job staying in character, and it's especially impressive since they had to scrap their original dance.

Nyle DiMarco: The Mask is an interesting choice. He is getting a little cocky, but we still like him. He did get a little off beat when he was dancing alone, but he is very, very good.

Ginger Zee: She was good, but it wasn't a super difficult routine. We still feel like she's the producers' favorite.

Wayna Morris: This is clean, but he wasn't as energetic as he usually is. We didn't think it was as amazing as the judges thought it was. Like it was good, but it wasn't amazing. We thought Paige's dance was better than this one.

Antonio Brown: That intro was so dramatic. He had a lot of fun with it, and he was pretty good. That was a tough dance and he did well with it. We thought the scores were a tiny bit high, but he has improved a lot.

We'll be updating our Spotify playlist with Flutie's song choices each week so that YOU can dance like Flutie whenever you want:


Becca has done dances to three different Prince songs - all of them happened in one year. Laura's only dance class dances were to songs by Pink and Outcast.