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Doug Flutie on Dancing with the Stars: Week 5

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Laura: Warning - I am probably going to frequently get distracted by hockey during this episode...

Becca: I wouldn't expect anything less.

Laura: Last week was Disney Week and this week is "Switch Up" week. What other themes does DWTS do?

Becca: They've done TV Night, Hollywood Night, and "Most Inspiring Person Night" before. Towards the end they don't always have themes though.

Laura: Theme weeks are more fun. THEY SHOULD DO BROADWAY WEEK.

Becca: I'm pretty sure they did that one season.

Laura: This week Flutie will be dancing with Peta, who has been Nyle DiMarco's partner this season. You mentioned last week that Peta has had success with older, less amazing dancers before - do you think this could be a "Hail Mary" week for Doug? (Note: I'M SORRY I HAD TO MAKE THE JOKE.)

Becca: You would make that joke. I think Karina and Peta have similar styles, so that will make adjusting to a new partner easier for Doug.

Laura: He's dancing a tango this week - is that a good fit for him?

Becca: I think so. It's a high energy and intense dance, like the paso doble, which was his best performance so far. He's good at bringing intensity and I think that he might also have some extra energy because it's Marathon Monday (#BostonStrong).


Laura: The opening number was to Pitbull and I can honestly say I never in my life expected to witness Doug Flutie dancing to Pitbull. Happy Monday, I guess.

Laura: I don't think it is great that they keep focusing on how mad he gets in practice. Also I feel like he's dancing around the concussion issue by talking about his memory being bad.

Becca: That was better than last week!

Laura: That's faint praise haha.

Becca: I could tell he was very focused and really concentrating. It wasn't super smooth, but I liked it.

Laura: The judges mentioned that he doesn't trust his partners - shouldn't a QB be good at trust?!

Becca: He keeps improving, which is great.

Laura: I still think he's probably gone, but that was definitely an improvement.

Becca: He has a chance to stay I think. He had good footwork and, as Maks said, this dance had a good amount of tango content.

Thoughts on the Other Dancers:

Coffee is not very impressed by this show.

Wayna Morris: Nice and sharp, but not his most entertaining or energetic dance to watch. We were honestly surprised that the judges weren't raving, because they love him.

Kim Fields: She looked too happy for such a yearning song. It was a little awkward, and special guest Becca's mom says it "wasn't very graceful". It wasn't the waltz-iest waltz.

Ginger Zee: She and Mark are a good fit. She isn't our favorite, but she's good. We were kind of surprised she only got 8s.

Antonio Brown: It's not cute to be late to rehearsal. All he really did was act as a backup piece for Karina's killer dancing. So it was good, but because of her. Becca was entertained, but didn't think it was very technical.

Paige VanZant: We're biased because we like her a lot. We thought it was really good and were surprised the judges were so hard on her.

Von Miller: He has a lot of personality and he's fun to watch even though he isn't technically great.

Nyle DiMarco: That was an improvement over his dance last week. We didn't think it was as perfect as the judges did, but it was very very good. He deserves the high scores. The weird scoring confusion was fishy.

Jodie Sweetin: This was a big improvement over last week. She's a little awkward, but that was a clean and sharp dance.  She had more fun this week, which was good. We think they definitely want her to stay.

We'll be updating our Spotify playlist with Flutie's song choices each week so that YOU can dance like Flutie whenever you want:

When Becca and her high school field hockey team went to Argentina they took tango lessons and she had to demonstrate with the pro since she was a dancer. In 7th grade, Laura and her friends did a terrible lip sync routine to Sean Paul at their suburban middle school.