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Bob Ryan Talks Boston College Sports On TOM Talks Podcast

Noted alum gives his thoughts on BC

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College alum Bob Ryan '67 joined the TOM Talks podcast this week to talk about a range of Boston sports issues. Of particular note to our audience: at around 57:00, Ryan shares some of his thoughts on his alma mater's sports teams after a tough season.

Full episode description below:

"On this week’s TOM Talks, Bob Ryan, legendary columnist from The Boston Globe, joins Tom to talk all things Boston sports; as well as LeBron, the Warriors, the Nova-UNC final, The Masters, and Baseball Hall of Fame voting. Bob says that this year’s finale to March Madness ranks among the greatest championship games in tournament history (1:20). He talks about his normal routine in prepping for The Sports Reporters as it relates to The Masters, and talks about how this could be a next great era in the sport of golf (3:34). Then Bob talks about the Celtics upcoming playoff run, along with which direction he would take the franchise as the hypothetical GM (7:34). Tom and Bob talk about LeBron’s questionable use of social media, and if there are any players from a different era in the NBA that would act this way if they had social media (23:55). The Warriors are on the brink of history; Bob and Tom talk about how important the single-season wins record is to this team (26:44). The guys move to football, and talk about the absurdity of Deflategate and all things surrounding the Patriots (32:29). Bob expresses his concerns with the Red Sox starting rotation, and ranks Ted Williams above David Ortiz as the greatest player in Red Sox history (43:23). Bob goes into his philosophy on voting for known/suspected PED users into Cooperstown (48:08). With the Bruins choking away their chance at the postseason for a second straight season, Bob thinks Claude Julian should be fired (52:00). As a Boston College grad, Bob has a strong opinion as to how the Eagles athletic program can turn it around (53:00). To close out the show, Bob explains why he doesn’t currently have a local sports radio hit in the Boston market (59:15). Song of the Week: “If I Ever Feel Better” by Phoenix (1:01:09)."