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Doug Flutie on Dancing with the Stars: Week 4 - Disney Week

Vote for Doug at 1-800-868-3402 or on the DWTS Facebook page. He needs your votes this week!

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Laura: A lot of people seem to think that this will be Doug's last week. What do you think?

Becca: I agree, but I don't think it should be.

Laura: It's too bad because I feel like there are other dancers that should go home before Doug, but the producers aren't pushing him as hard as they're pushing other contestants, which results in him getting lower scores than dancers that might be at his same level.

Becca: He keeps improving, which is really what you want to see in a contestant. There are definitely other dancers that don't have the same performance quality and aren't as good as Doug, but the judges are favoring them.

Laura: If Flutie ends up making it to next week what do you think he needs to do to get the judges on his side?

Becca: He needs to continue to improve and really take the judges' criticisms to heart. I think he and Karina also will need to continue adding more and more content to their dances

Becca: I'm not sure how Zendaya will be as a guest judge this week. She won't give much technical critique.

Laura: I love Zendaya, but she's going to be too nice. Overall I wish all of the judges were a little more critical.



Laura: Minnie and Mickey Mouse are there and I am way too excited about that.

Laura: Oh no. Doug looks a little stiff just in the intro.

Becca: I hope that he's able to go out with a good dance if this is his last week.

Laura: Wow there are going to be some terrible costumes this week.

Becca: Doug is so in character and I love it.

Mom Berestecki via text: I don't think he'll be too upset if he's off. He doesn't look comfortable with all the theatrics.

Laura: I think he'll be bummed, but I do think he is a little bit uncomfortable.

Becca: I still have faith in Doug.

Laura: Uh oh, temper tantrum.

Becca: Oh gosh. He is angry.

Laura: Their costumes are so on point.

Becca: He's sharper than last week. Still a little awkward though.

Laura: That was stiff, but fun.

Becca: Richard Sherman is there and nobody reading this is going to be as excited about that as the two of us.

Laura: The judges just don't like him. He doesn't really have a fair shot.

Becca: They're so much harder on him than they are on other contestants.

Laura: This isn't even us being biased. He wasn't perfect, but they really are so harsh on him compared to mistakes they ignore in other dancers.

Becca: Also the producers chose a negative video package for him, not a funny one. They're gunning to get rid of him.

Laura: Ahhh he's safe! EVERYBODY VOTE FOR HIM!!!

Becca: YES! Also he did jazz this week and jazz is tough because you cant fake being in sync and that is easier to do with dances like the waltz.

Becca: Now that I'm actually watching this show critically from a dance perspective I'm realizing how biased and not critical it is (in terms of dance and technique).

Becca: Who do you think we should vote for Doug to be paired with when the switch up next week?

Laura: I'm gonna vote for Peta. I think since she's so good with Nyle and he can't hear the music, maybe she could get a little more out of Doug.

Becca: Peta was paired with Tommy Chong, who obviously was pretty terrible, and she went pretty far with him. So she's a good choice I think.

Laura: We can vote for them to do cha-cha or tango - which is better?

Becca: Tango would be good because it's like intense and serious but he might not do well if he doesn't feel that connected to Peta. But I don't know that he has the musicality for cha-cha.

Thoughts on the Other Dancers:

Antonio Brown: He's still just all personality, not as much skill. But the judges loved it. We like him, but felt his scores were too high.

Marla Maples: We're convinced the producers are keeping her around just for the Trump angle. We were underwhelmed, but of course the judges liked it. Becca says "she needs to point her feet" and that it was "a low content, not challenging dance." We were glad she got voted off, sorry not sorry.

Nyle DiMarco: Kind of confused by the song choice, but okay. Becca liked the song choice. This wasn't Nyle's best dance - Becca believes it is because he didn't have Peta touching and guiding him the whole dance this week. Still good though! We thought he deserved a higher score than Antonio.

Kim Fields: Pretty good, but not a difficult dance. It was a basic but well executed dance.

Jodie Sweetin: (How much is Disney paying them to do a song from Zootopia?) A little stiff, mostly just okay. We appreciate how much fun she has though. Like with Doug, we feel like they're being critical of her compared to some of the other dancers.

Von Miller: We loved Whitney throwing shade about the judges giving the football players low scores. Whitney's dress was an amazing dance costume. This was a better dance for him, but he was definitely mostly supporting her skills.

Ginger Zee: This is one of our favorite songs and we aren't huge fans of Ginger so ugh. It was alright, obviously the judges loved it. It was well produced, but without a ton of content. DISNEY SIDE NOTE: If you ever go to Disney World, meet Gaston. He's the most fun. 

Wayna Morris: This was a weird version of The Circle of Life. Laura kept expecting the song to turn into Stuntin Like Mufasa. He's clearly a favorite to win and he is good. Becca was a little surprised that Len liked their less traditional samba. Clearly their costumes aren't as good as 4 year old Becca as Simba.

Paige VanZant: We love Paige. They had a challenging and technical dance and she did a pretty good job with it. Lots of tricky footwork. It wasn't perfect, but it was quite good. She definitely deserved the high score she got.

We'll be updating our Spotify playlist with Flutie's song choices each week so that YOU can dance like Flutie whenever you want:

Becca has done dances to songs from pretty much every Disney movie. Laura has been to Disney World a lot of times.