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Frozen Four 2016 Fashion Recap

At this point I'm just trolling all of you.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There were a lot of interesting fashion choices at the Frozen Four. And by interesting, I mostly mean terrible.

First off, the fashion hits:

Miles Wood gets an A+ for this ensemble. It's a bold choice and he's owning it. I'm not sure I'm getting Doherty's necklace, but he's Captain so I'll let it slide.


Another A+ for Thatcher Demko, Coach York, and Coach Ayers. Looking dapper with the best accessory of all - a trophy.

Not sure about the BU jerseys, but otherwise I'd say we're rocking it. BCI is not at all biased on this one.

BONUS COMMENTARY FROM JOE THAT YOU DON'T REALLY NEED: Negative points to the sunburned idiot wearing a Bruins shirt. #Fail #NeededABoyleShirt Also, those BU Frozen Fenway jerseys are still ugly and stupid, 6 years later.


Extra positive shoutouts from me go to:

1) the guy in the Tennessee Volunteers hockey jersey. He's at the Frozen Four every year and let me say it's always a great choice.

2) the guy whose St. Lawrence Saints 2000 Frozen Four t-shirt is still looking fresh and new 16 years later. There's no way he just recently bought it on eBay or something. I doubt anyone still has those lying around. That's some quality laundry work.

Now for the not so good and the definitely bad:

Listen, I love cats but why does the QU Bobcat have such a weirdly bemused expression? He gets a B because cats are cool, but it's still weird.

BONUS COMMENTARY FROM JOE THAT YOU DON'T REALLY NEED: "Also, his eye is half-shut. He looks like me after my surgery."

WHY DOES QUINNIPIAC HAVE TELETUBBIES? We wanted to root for the Bobcats, but the teletubbies made it very difficult. This is a D- unless somebody has a very good explanation for it.

I wasn't a huge fan of all the lime green wigs that NoDak fans were wearing. It's fine if you're a child. It's not so cute if you're 35.

What was up with all the Minnesota fans in Minnesota kilts? Is this a thing? Why? Extra points to the Minnesota fan in a Minnesota kilt and a giant foam Minnesota cowboy hat (in a good way because if you're making a crazy choice go big or go home). ETA: A+ to the same fan for his Youngblood jersey and matching foam hat. Listen, I wouldn't wear it, but I respect the dedication to the look.

D- for the HAWKS/How About We Keep Sioux shirt. I'll be honest, it's a little bit clever, but also YOU NEED TO MOVE ON.

F- to the guy in the lime green suit that said "FOREVER SIOUX" on the back. This is A) a terrible fashion choice and B) RACIST. YOUR OLD MASCOT IS RACIST AND YOU'RE THE HAWKS NOW.

BONUS COMMENTARY FROM JOE THAT YOU DON'T REALLY NEED: I don't think this really captures just how garish the lime green coat was. It was very bright and very ugly. Even putting the Sioux issue aside, you ought to keep that one at home, dude.

BONUS COMMENTARY FROM JOE THAT YOU DON'T REALLY NEED: I can't find the pictures, but there was a very interesting variety of tie width by the BC players in their Frozen Four headshots. Some went with bold wide knots, others were narrow and slightly askew. At least we know Jerry isn't tying their ties (he probably tied Johnny's back in the day, though).