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Women's Hockey East Championship: Final Thoughts & Predictions


BC Athletics

Boston College Women's Hockey is 36-0-0.

36-0-0 means nothing. The Hockey East championship and the NCAA championship mean a whole lot more. Last season, The Eagles infamously lost three times all season: the Beanpot championship game, the Hockey East championship game, and the NCAA Frozen Four.

This season, the Eagles have already checked off one box on their Redemption Tour when they left no doubt in their complete thrashing of the field at the 2016 Women's Beanpot. Next up is the Hockey East championship, a prize that has eluded them all but once in their history, and a tournament dominated by the Terriers, who have won the last 4 titles and 5 of the last 6.

In The Quarterfinals

The WHEA tournament reseeds, but it didn't matter this year as the top 4 seeds all advanced. BC took care of business with 5-2 and 5-1 blowouts against Maine, outshooting the Black Bears 118-39 in just two games.

Northeastern had a similar weekend with 5-2 and 6-2 efforts against a terrible Providence team.

Boston University had a bit more trouble, needing three games to dispatch Vermont 3-0, 2-4, 6-1.

UConn swept New Hampshire, but needed triple overtime to do it in game two, taking the series 3-2, 4-3 (3OT) by the skin of their teeth.

Big Questions

Will the secondary scoring continue to take the pressure off the top line, or will Alex Carpenter & Haley Skarupa have to take over? Will Elaine Chuli, UConn's star goaltender, have to make 50 saves in Saturday's semifinal against BC? Will she still allow 5+ goals anyway? Can BC beat UConn a bit more convincingly than they did in last month's shocker? Will Dana Trivigno be kept under 10 PIM on the weekend? Will BU's Hockey East tournament mystique finally be broken now that the tournament has been moved from Hyannis to Andover? Would BC rather face Northeastern, ranked 6th in the Pairwise, or Boston University, ranked 12th but who took BC to overtime earlier this season? Will I be able to sneak my pocket trumpet into Lawler Arena on Sunday?

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact From Each Opponent's Wikipedia Page

In the 2008-2009 academic year the Northeastern Club Field Hockey and Women's Basketball teams won their respective National Championships.

A comprehensive search of the Boston University wikipedia article offers no evidence that the 2015 Men's Frozen Four ever happened. But we know it did.

The University of Connecticut is accredited.

Game Day Beverage

Ice Water.

This is a business trip. No screwing around.

Gametime Song of the Week

Glass Shatters

Break things. Win a title. Let's go.

Staff Predictions

Grant Salzano
BC 5, UConn 0 -- Elaine Chuli might make 50 saves. Whether she does or not, BC is scoring at least 5.
BU 3, NU 2 (OT) -- Northeastern is the better team, but BU shines come playoff time. Call it a hunch.
BC 7, BU 3 -- If it's BC vs. BU, expect a free-for-all. BC isn't losing this game.

Joe Gravellese
BC 4, UConn 1
NU 5, BU 3
BC 3, NU 2

Arthur Bailin
BC 3, UConn 1
NU 4, BU 2
BC 5, NU 3

Laura Berestecki
BC 4, UConn 1
NU 4, BU 3
BC 5, NU 3

Brian Favat
BC 4, UConn 1
BU 3, NU 2
BC 4, BU 1

Dan "New Guy" Rubin
BC 4, UConn 1
NU 3, BU 2
BC 5, NU 2

John "Coach" Fidler
BC 4, UConn 1
NU 3, BU 2
BC 6, NU 2