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Doug Flutie on Dancing with the Stars: Week Two

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Laura: Flutie struggled last week. What do you think he needs to do to keep from being eliminated early?

Becca: I think he'll take the judges comments to heart which will help. The main things he needs to work on are his posture and his musicality. He has rhythm, but he needs to get better at shifting from one move to the next.

Laura: How much do you think the fact that his performance was at the beginning of the show last week will hurt him?

Becca: I think that it won't really affect him, but there are so many contestants now that it could hurt him.

Laura: I was initially thinking that his personality could carry him through, but it seems like a lot of the contestants are extremely personable. It's also tough for him that there are two other football players, splitting whatever sports voter contingent there might be.

Becca: I think that the fact that this is Latin night could help him, since his dance is going to be more strong and aggressive.

Laura: I feel like the judges are kind of judging them based on how much they like them as humans. So hopefully that is good for Doug?


Laura: Oh no. He did not look great in his intro. I think he feels more awkward about this than he expected to.

Becca: He looks so intense and ready to go waiting on the sidelines.

Laura: Oh man. That outfit.

Laura: Well they're certainly telling a story.

Becca: That was a pretty traditional dance, so that's a plus. He really went for it and didn't shy away, which I liked.

Laura: Yea, he definitely did better than last week.

Becca: He's used to football footwork, so he does need to work on being on the balls of his feet.

Laura: Do you feel like he took their advice from last week and integrated it?

Becca: I do, his posture was a lot better. I think it is good that they gave him technical criticisms because it gives him something to work on to keep getting better.

Becca: Those were good scores. I think he'll stay.

Laura: I think he really wants to get better and will keep improving if he sticks around.

Laura: I knew it was going to be Geraldo that was eliminated, but it was still stressful having Doug in the bottom three :(

Becca: I think that since he is good at taking criticism he should have a good chance to stay in the competition because he's going to work hard. But the fan vote is definitely needed for him!

Thoughts on the Other Dancers:

Jodie Sweetin: That was a lot better than expected based on her intro. She looked like she was having a lot of fun, which should help her. Laura thought her styling was good tonight.

Marla Maples: That was a lot. Becca says "she is too flat footed and her transitions are really off." She also says "her footwork is not sharp enough." Laura thought her styling was not great for her age. The judges liked it a lot more than we expected and her scores seemed high considering her mistakes. Becca thinks she would've done worse if she had gone later.

Geraldo Rivera: No. Comment.

Paige VanZant: Her song reminds me and Becca of college (shoutout to Rose Ellen). You could tell she wasn't totally comfortable with her new partner, but she's clearly very athletic. She's definitely going to be a real competitor.

Antonio Brown: Laura's only though is that it was kind of boring. Becca thought he did pretty well with something that didn't match his personality. Overall it was just fine. Becca notes that the fact that they gave him technical feedback shows they think he'll be around for a while.

Kim Fields: She was better last week, which isn't what you want.

Nyle DiMarco: We think being a model probably helps him a lot because he's very aware of his body. He's very good and will definitely be around for awhile. We think his scores should have been higher and he should definitely have a higher score than Marla.

Mischa Barton: We just want Mischa to be happy. She's still struggling, but she improved. We think it would be nice to see if she can keep improving if she sticks around.

Von Miller: He's 100% personality. He's having a great time, but he isn't technically great. His best moves are clearly his own moves that he would do in the club.

Wanya Morris: We think he is going to be one to beat. He's good and he's fun and he's likable. It will be interesting to see how he does with slower dances - he's only had fast dancers so far, but he does have a slow jams musical background.

Ginger Zee: Laura liked that they danced to Justin Bieber half in Spanish. She's good, but we just don't like her as much as the other good dancers. She feels slightly less genuine.

We'll be updating our Spotify playlist with Flutie's song choices each week so that YOU can dance like Flutie whenever you want:

Becca went to Nationals for dance once, but she could have gone a second time if she wanted to. Laura quit "hip-hop" dance class at age 14 after 2.5 years because she "had too much homework" aka because she was terrible.