A Written Apology To Ferris State Hockey Fans

J. Meric/Getty Images

Dear Ferris State,

A few years ago I doubted you pretty hardcore. In an interview with, I said that we would beat you in the 2012 national championship game by 5 goals, and, "if it is a single goal less, I will issue a written apology to Ferris State fans."

Well, we only won by three. I gotta say... that's my bad. My bad guys. My bad.

I should have respected you more than that. Five goals? That's BC Women's Hockey dominance. Come on, self.

Almost four years later, we haven't won a single national championship since. It's obvious that the hockey gods are mad at me, and by extension mad at Boston College, and frankly my pride is not worth the three additional national championships we would have if I had just manned up and apologized like I promised.

So, Ferris State, I am sorry. Even though we had Johnny Gaudreau (Oh man, remember that goal? That was a nice goal), and even though we were #1 in the country, and even though I couldn't identify which star Ferris State is on the American flag, I should not have been so arrogant as to think we would have won by five goals.

I sincerely apologize, and hope that there are no hard feelings.

Very truly yours,
Grant Salzano

(We cool, hockey gods?)