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Boston College DL Coach Ben Albert To Become Associate DC/DL Coach At Duke

Two coaches gone in a day.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Let's keep the news rolling...Ben Albert, the defensive line coach for Boston College, has received a new job and a promotion with the Duke Blue Devils:

Albert came to BC with Addazio in 2013 from Temple where he was the outside linebackers coach. Before that he had coaching experience in the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and in the NCAA with UMass, Delaware and Richmond.

On one hand this is surprising, because it is happening so far after the end of the season, but on the other it's not. Albert's name was floated around as a possible replacement for Don Brown, but BC went instead with Jim Reid. Have to imagine that Albert had his eye open for any sort of promotion given his success with BC last season. Honestly I wouldn't read too much into this as any sort of reflection on the program, more as a younger coach who lost his boss (Don Brown) and got an opportunity for a promotion.

That is now two coaching positions that Boston College will have to fill. Earlier today we commented on a report that WR coach Todd Fitch was on his way to become OC for LA Tech. Now BC will need a DL coach to go along with that.

Best of luck in the future, Coach Albert!