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Clemson 65, Boston College 54: Highlights

Yet another loss, yet another depressing video

Dawson Powers-USA TODAY Sports

For a few minutes, I kind of, sort of believed that #QuestFor1Win would be accomplished last night. BC was, for the first time in the entire ACC schedule, facing a team that isn't currently considered to be on the right side of the tournament bubble (facing such a tough schedule, BC really picked a bad time to be awful). The Eagles led at halftime, and continued to lead through the first five minutes of the second half. It remained nip and tuck for the following few minutes as well. But then...

Then, well, we were treated to a few frustrations. First, there was Eli Carter's horrendous shooting night. Despite miss after miss, he remained bullheadedly determined to heat up from behind the arc and launch three balls as Clemson began to pull away. Nothing doing. Additionally, there was the period of time when the suddenly-resurgent Dennis Clifford and Garland Owens came off the floor due to foul trouble; Idy Diallo came in and was once again fairly disappointing when his number was called upon, including blowing an open dunk. And then there was Clemson, playing strong and opportunisitc defense, and feeding Jaron Blossomgate, who feasted on BC for 23 points.

To the video highlights from the ACC Digital Network: