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Boston College Spring Football Preview: Wide Receivers Can Only Improve

After National Signing Day where does this position stand?

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Spring football is right around the corner, and as we approach the start of practice it's important to take a look at the team and see where they stand. National Signing Day, Graduation, and some transfers have effected Boston College's roster. Today let's look at the wide receiver position, a group that wasn't much of a factor last season, but looks to be a solid cohesive unit in 2016.

Two Down, But New Talent Galore

Like the running back position, the wide receiver depth took a hit at the end of the 2015 season. Sophomore Sherman Alston and freshman Chase Pankey both decided to transfer, ending up at FCS schools, while Harrison Jackson decided to not pursue his final year at the Heights. While BC can ill afford to lose any offensive players, their exit shouldn't really put a dent into BC's plans moving forward. In the Recruiting Class of 2016, Addazio brought in two exciting recruits who could play right away: Kobay White and Christian McStravick. White, a 6 foot tall receiver from Pennsylvania, is a 3* receiver who held numerous big offers. While McStravick a much taller 6'4 receiver, hails from Texas, a new area of emphasis for BC recruiting. Both players should be on campus this summer, and may see the field immediately.

The Walking Wounded Return

It didn't seem like that big of a deal at the time, but BC got nailed with the injury bug at WR early last year, something that really hurt later on. Arguably BC's biggest recruit in 2015, NJ wide receiver record holder Nolan Borgersen never saw the field after an injury suffered during camp. True freshman Ben Glines, was reportedly having a fantastic summer, working well with Darius Wade, before a shoulder injury suffered at camp ended his season. Finally WR/TE combo Chris Garrison saw the field early but was hurt before the real season could start. Having all three of these players healthy and ready to play are going to be vital to the success of this offense.

Here's To You Mr. Robinson

One of the most intriguing players going into the 2016 season has to be wide receiver Elijah Robinson. After a position switch late in the summer of 2015, Robinson was thrusted into the starting lineup by the end of the season. He has good speed, but had some brutal drops as the season progresses. If BC is going to go to a more balanced pro style offense, Robinson is going to need to be a part of that. If he can improve his hands, and make those catches on slants and bubble screens he could be a name to watch for this season.

A Dynamic Duo

One of the few glimmers of hope that could be taken from the 2015 was the emergence of sophomore Thadd Smith. While Boston College quarterbacks were struggling to get anyone the ball, some of the catches Smith made showed that he could be the number 1 wide receiver if used properly. His ruled incomplete catch against Duke was incredible. BC's offense was a trainwreck last year, but if BC is serious about passing the ball, Smith is going to need to get his touches. He can stretch the field, and has good hands and speed. The player that needs to be WR2 on the outside should be Charlie Callinan, a senior wide receiver. In a season filled with mind boggling decisions, it was odd that he wasn't on the field more often. While not the most explosive receiver, he battles, and fights for the ball, skills that are crucial for a wide receiver.

The New Philosophy

By the end of the season, it was pretty clear that the wide receiver corp was a beaten group. The offense was limited to draw plays, and the occasional pass, which must have been frustrating for a position that craves involvement. You could read it in their body language, this feeling of defeat, asked simply to be edge blockers, or forced to run up the field for balls that were woefully under or over thrown.  But this feeling can change in 2016. With offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler in, and Todd Fitch out, BC should be throwing the ball much more often, and with quarterbacks who hopefully have more accuracy than what we saw in 2015. It's hard to gauge who can do what with this crew, since they were asked to do so little last season. But starting a rhythm and getting them more involved should give us a better sense of what they can and can't do.