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Watch The #MeowsternBias Beanpot Preview Show

Watch yesterday's live episode of Eastern Bias which previewed this year's Beanpot... with cats

Dustin Satloff for BC Interruption

The Eastern Bias hockey podcast recorded its first ever live, video-streamed show yesterday, as Joe Gravellese from BC Interruption and Shep Hayes from Bloggin' on Babcock were joined by special guests Laura Berestecki and many, many cats for a live broadcast from the Gifford Cat Shelter in Brighton.

In the show, they preview the 2016 men's and women's Beanpot tournaments, which get underway this week. The preview for each game culminated in live #CatPredictions, along with each human giving their prediction on who will win this year's tournament.

The show was held at Gifford to shine a spotlight on the #MeowsternBias Fundraiser, a partnership between Eastern Bias, BCI and Gifford to raise money for the nation's oldest no-kill, cageless cat shelter. Click the link and make a pledge to support Gifford based on different events that might happen in the Beanpot—you could donate $5 per BC goal, $10 per BU loss, $5 for every time the Harvard band plays classical music...use your imagination!

Watch the show below. And forgive the various technical difficulties and occasionally poor video quality. Thanks, as always, for listening.