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Quick Lane Bowl: What Swag Will The Players Get?

This is great.

NCAA Football: Quick Lane Bowl-Central Michigan vs Minnesota Sage Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best things about the bowl game is reading what swag the players will get for participating in the game. Have to say that in the grand scheme of things, the Quick Lane Bowl really does a nice job setting these kids up with things they would like. In a press release today, BC Athletics talked about the swag.

· Custom decal graphic of each player with their likeness (FatHead)

· Harman JBL Headphones

· $200 Best Buy Gift Card

· Quick Lane Bowl merchandise

· Quick Lane Bowl commemorative football

· Customized Quick Lane Bowl Detroit themed commemorative socks

· Each head coach will receive luxury watches from Detroit based company Shinola and a welcome basket featuring Michigan made products.

That’s a good haul for the players. Also, BC Athletics talked about their itinerary, which included some community service, working at the Gleaners Food Bank in Michigan. Players will be giving back as well as receiving.

Probably the funniest “experience” that the players will get to try out is something called fowling, which according to the press release is “ a local Detroit favorite and increasingly popular hybrid game that combines elements of football, bowling and horseshoes.” I can’t even imagine what that looked like, so I looked it up on Youtube, and I’m still confused. If you can explain it, please do.