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Addazio Says He Was Not Approached with Information About Wake Forest

BC’s coach was not approached by with info about Wake’s game plans

NCAA Football: Louisville at Boston College Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

As more information continues to be released about the recent Wake Forest football leak, Coach Addazio has commented on the situation.

Tommy Elrod has been found to have given confidential game information to Wake Forest’s opponents. Elrod is a former Wake Forest player and assistant coach, who became a radio announcer after leaving the team. It has been confirmed that Louisville, Army, and Virginia Tech were contacted by Elrod prior to games against the Deacons.

Addazio told the press that if he had been contacted with information about Wake Forest’s game plans, he would have refused the information and contacted Wake’s head coach. He noted that he was particularly upset by the poor sportsmanship shown by all parties actively involved in the scandal.

The Boston College football team beat Wake Forest by a score of 17-14 this season after losing to the Demon Deacons last year in a terrible 3-0 game.