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Alec Lindstrom Signs NLI, Set to Enroll Early at Boston College

The lineman joins his brother at the Heights.

Alec Lindstrom (left) signed his National Letter of Intent to play for the Eagles, joining his brother Chris Lindstrom (right).
Alec Lindstrom (left) signed his National Letter of Intent to play for the Eagles, joining his brother Chris Lindstrom (right).
Joe Parello

Inside the library at Shepherd Hill Regional High School, star offensive lineman Alec Lindstrom signed his National Letter of Intent to play college football at Boston College.

Lindstrom will enroll early for the Eagles, following in the footsteps of his older brother, starting BC offensive guard Chris Lindstrom. The younger Lindstrom will be in Chestnut Hill full-time starting in January, but he's been a regular on campus the last few months, both watching his brother and getting to know the team.

"I went out (to BC) two weeks ago for my official visit, and it was awesome," Lindstrom said. "They fed us and took us out to show us Fenway Park, and Chris was my guide. I'm heading back this weekend with (2018 prospect) Brendan (McKeon) and we're gonna watch practice a little bit.

I try to get out to practice every couple of weeks just to say hi, and all the guys, at least on the line, know me by now."

The Eagle coaching staff is currently looking at Alec as a potential replacement for rising-senior Jon Baker at center down the road, but he may get on the field right away if he can prove to be a reliable long snapper. Alec has played tight end, guard, center and defensive end throughout his career, and due to a lack of depth in the trenches the past few years, he's rarely gotten a play off.

Located in tiny Dudley in South Central Massachusetts, right on the Connecticut border, Shepherd Hill has become an unlikely talent factory in recent years. Under the coaching leadership of Alec and Chris' father, Chris Lindstrom Sr., the Rams have produced a Division I Power 5 conference football player each of the last three years.

Starting with Chris, who enrolled early at BC in 2015 and started as a freshman, then continuing with current Michigan freshman tight end Sean McKeon, Alec is just the latest in a line of Rams to go D1. For his part, Alec Lindstrom is a unique prospect.

Having gone from a 170 lb. tight end two years ago to the 240 lb. center he is today, the younger Lindstrom has transformed his body and his game to make it to BC. Like his older brother, Alec has unusual athleticism for an offensive lineman, and he's also shown his brother's and father's patented work ethic.

While BC will bring in more highly regarded recruits (4* running back A.J. Dillon committed to the Eagles this morning), the younger Lindstrom could prove to be an invaluable part of BC's team in the coming years.

"I think it's great that (Alec is) enrolling early," Chris Lindstrom said. "I know for me it was a big advantage. I was able to get a head start in the weight room and put on the weight and the strength I needed. Also, learning the playbook… It's so different and more advanced than high school. As well as the school work. It put me on track for an early graduation, so I'm excited for him, and excited to have him around here the next few years."