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Majority Of Bettors Taking Maryland At -1 Over BC

Vegas folks are speaking

NCAA Football: Boston College vs Massachusetts Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland has a razor’s edge in terms of the bettors, as Vegas has them as a -1, or one point favorite over the Boston College Eagles. It’s a very interesting line, as clearly Vegas is up in the air over who is going to win the Quick Lane Bowl.

But the bettors are speaking volumes on where they want to place their money. According to online site, 66% of all bets taken have been placed on the Maryland Terrapins. Whether this is a lack of faith in the Eagles, or the bettors think that Maryland is that much better remains to be seen.

Other ACC bowls have 85% of bettors taking Pittsburgh over Northwestern at -5.5 in the Pinstripe Bowl, 65% taking Temple over Wake Forest at -13 in the Military Bowl, 55% taking Clemson (+3) in the Fiesta Bowl, 68% taking Georgia Tech (-3.5), 60% are taking Michigan over Florida State in the Orange Bowl at (-7), 67% are taking Virginia Tech over Arkansas in the Belk Bowl at -7, and 60% are taking West Virginia over Miami in the Russell Athletic Bowl at +3.