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BC Hockey 2016-17 First Semester Recap: The Taylor Swift Edition

Everyone’s favorite feature is back. You’re welcome.

Formula One: United States Grand Prix-Qualifying Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The first half of the season is over and it is time to take a look back at how BC hockey has done so far. This was a very divisive feature last year so obviously I brought it back - you’re welcome.

10/2: BC 4, Carleton 3
A VERY EXCITING NIGHT because hockey was back!

The game was closer than we expected / would have liked, but still. A win is a win.

10/7: BC 1, Air Force 2

The first game of the season resulting in a loss to Air Force was... not reassuring.

10/8: BC 3, Denver 1

But then BC beat Denver which was a little surprising and very awesome because Denver is good.

10/14: BC 1, Wisconsin 3

But then BC had a rough game against Wisconsin, which was not good.

10/16: BC 8, Wisconsin 5

Luckily BC turned in around in a rematch with the Badgers, scoring 8 goals including a hat trick from Chris Brown.

10/21: BC 4, Colorado College 1

BC losing to Colorado would have been a big surprise and very concerning, so we were happy with a decisive 4-1 victory.

10/22: BC 6, Holy Cross 1

BC’s win over Holy Cross was exciting because they Eagles dominated and looked like a really good team.

10/25: BC 2, Merrimack 2

BC always struggles at Merrimack, and this year was no different. First, we got the news that Coach York would be out for eye surgery, and then the Eagles blew a lead and ended up tying with the Warriors. Not the best night.

10/28: BC 3, Providence 1

The Eagles continued to see offense from the freshman class in their win over Providence, with 2 goals from first year players. The freshman have definitely been proving some doubters wrong.

10/29: BC 7, UMass 4

Only against UMass would 7-4 be “closer than we would have liked” lol. But BC’s offense was great in this game and 5 different Eagles scored.

11/4: BC 6, Maine 1

BC has struggled in Orono, so we were all excited that they would be playing 1 away game in Portland this year. And then BC dominated and Cangelosi scored a hat trick. We love you, Portland.

(Also at this game we learned that Bananas now looks like a panther instead of a bear? What is up with that?)

11/5: BC 3, Maine 2

After a terrific win in Portland, the Eagles went up to Orono and won their first game there in YEARS. And it was probably more exciting than it should have been’s Maine.

11/8: BC 5, UNH 3

BC almost let UNH skate away with a tie before securing the win late in the third. This was a dramatic and kind of sloppy game but we won so...

11/13: BC 3, ASU 1

Everyone expected this to be a blowout and then BC only won by two goals... but again, a win is a win.

11/18: BC 2, Harvard 5

The Eagles lost this game after having a mini-meltdown mid-game. After two sloppy wins followed by this game, we started getting a little concerned despite the team doing a lot better overall than many people had expected.

11/22: BC 5, UConn 2

After letting UConn get an early lead, BC ran away with this game, which was exactly what was needed after the loss to Harvard.

11/27: BC 2, Minnesota 4

After taking the lead in the second period, BC got a little sloppy again and Minnesota took this game. It was not a pleasant loss. This GIF goes out to Minnesota:

11/29: BC 2, Northeastern 1

This was a VERY STRESSFUL GAME and it looked like BC would end up tying with a not great Northeastern team... until Michael Kim scored with 23 seconds left to give BC the win. This was the best game in the first half of the season, hands down.

12/3: BC 3, North Dakota 4

After letting North Dakota go up 2-0 in the second, BC fought back to tie things up in the third...but then North Dakota scored 2 more goals. This was an upsetting loss and also a pretty poorly refereed game.

12/6: BC 5, Northeastern 3

So BC scored 5 amazing goals in this game and they won, which was great...

... but also the refereeing was terrible again and so many BC players almost got very injured which made us very angry.

12/10: BC 2, Notre Dame 3

BC blew a 2-0 lead to close out the semester with a loss. So that wasn’t great.

Overall, this team has exceeded expectations so far (despite a few meltdowns). This freshman class is going to develop well.