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Louisville 52 Boston College 7: By The Numbers

Let’s dissect this one

NCAA Football: Louisville at Boston College Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, I dont’ really want to do this either, but let’s look at yesterday’s game.

207: Total yards on the day for the Eagles, 2nd lowest output on the year (124 against Virginia Tech)

515: Total yards on the day for Louisville, 2nd lowest output of the year (524 yards allowed to Syracuse)

57: Yards rushing on 37 attempts for a grand total of 1.54 yards per run their lowest average of the season

3: Turnovers for the Eagles (two fumbles and an INT)

3: Turnovers for Louisville (clearly a statistic that didn’t matter)

9: Total tackles for Connor Strachan

3: Tackles for loss by Kevin Kavalec

7: Total touchdowns for Lamar Jackson

I don’t have it in me to dissect this festering wound of a game anymore here are the real numbers you need to have:

156: Total points given up to ranked teams this year

52: Average score of a ranked team again BC

17: Total points in three games against ranked teams

1,499: Total Yards given up to ranked team

500: Yards per game against ranked teams

582: Total yards accrued by Boston College in three games against ranked opponents

194: Average yards per game against ranked opponents

But hey, let’s break down into just the ACC:

262.5: Yards per game against ACC opponents

434.5: Yards per game given up against ACC opponents

12.0: Points per game against conference opponents

34.3: Points per game against out of conference opponents

36.0: Points per game allowed to ACC opponents

6.7: Points per game allowed to non ACC opponents

160.11: Patrick Towles passer rating against non ACC foes

89.3: Patrick Towles passer rating against ACC foes

Seriously I could go on and on with these stats...