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Louisville 52, Boston College 7: Boston College Postgame Quotes

Addazio and BC players address the media postgame.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Postgame quotes from BC's press conference:

Head Coach Steve Addazio:

"You know, I thought -- the only thing we did manage to do a little bit was have some time of possession. Some of that was at the end, but we had some time of possession. We made some plays, but you know, when we threw it, we completed some passes, but between catching the ball and fumbling it and giving up a stupid sack on a touchdown throw we had, just some of those things, you know, that's the development that we have to have, and we have to learn how to play -- I think our team when we play those kinds of teams, I think our guys, I think they press too hard, and we have a tendency to kind of press and not play within our framework of what we need to do."

"But make no mistake about the team we just played. I would say that I've been around long enough to know that it's one of the top three most talented teams in America right now, okay. That was a real operation right there. That quarterback is electric."

On Lamar Jackson...

"There were a few times we had him completely boxed, and he came out of there and hit a crease and he's gone. He's electric. I mean, he's a -- I think I've been around some of the best quarterbacks in the country in my day, and this guy is really something now. He's got a great arm. He's got a great release. He's got a real knack of knowing what's around him and coming out of trouble. He can throw it, and he's as an elite of a runner as I've ever seen. He reminds me running like Percy Harvin reminded me when we had him at Florida. He's that kind of runner, but yet he can throw the rock, and when he's on, he's on. He was on tonight. Sometimes, like anybody else, you can be off a little bit, but he was on."

John Johnson, Defensive Back:

On Jackson...

"It was tough. I definitely underestimated their offensive line. They had holes all throughout the tacklers, like you said. We weren't gap sound. I think we just got washed out of our gaps. I haven't watched the film yet, but once he hit, it's like, you can't stop him. Once he gets going, it was tough on us."

On BC's defense...

"Like I said, I think we weren't gap sound. We got washed out of our gaps, and yeah, he faked one way, I think we went too hard to the ball, and he just, like you said, put his foot in the ground and got vertical."

Patrick Towles, Quarterback:

On the pressure of playing Louisville...

"Yeah, you know, that's an extremely talented football team. They do a very good job pressuring. They've got home a lot all year long. They've got some really kind of complex blitzes. It's a really good football team, and I can't give enough credit to them. They played really, really well. We did not, so that's why the score was what it was."