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Boston College vs. Louisville: Final Thoughts And Predictions

Can BC stun the world, or will this be a Cardinals rout?

NCAA Football: Boston College at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Roooooarrrrrrr, time for some high octane Louisville talk as they bring their high flying offense, superstar quarterback, and not at all morally questionable coach Bobby Petrino to the Heights. Man, I need a Red Bull. Boom. We saw the Eagles tack on their first conference win last week against N.C. State, but this is a whole different animal. Louisville can score points, and in a hurry, and they will not make the mental mistakes that Dave Doeren made last week. It’s going to take a total team effort, and a crisp error free game for BC to stay in this one. Can they do it?

Keys To Victory

  1. Prevent the big plays: Look Louisville is going to score points, I have a hard time imagining that they won’t. But what BC can’t allow are those big plays that killed them against Clemson and Virginia Tech. If the Cardinals can take the top off the defense, and force BC to scramble to adjust this game will get out of hand. BC’s defense needs to keep everything in front of them, limit yards after catch and missed tackles.
  2. Keep The Chains Moving: One of the most impressing things we saw last week was BC’s ability to get first downs and convert on third down. I think a lot of this had to do with the short passing game and Patrick Towles effectively moving the ball to his wide outs. Lamar Jackson can only kill you if he is on the field, if BC can control time of possession and get points they could change the tempo of the game.
  3. Bring the Heat: UVA came really close to winning last week and part of that was due to the pressure they were bringing up front. They sacked Lamar Jackson 5 times, causing one forced fumble and had a pick. If BC wants to stop Jackson this clearly is the blueprint they should follow, and hopefully they can channel some of that Don Brown 2015 mojo and get to him. Harold Landry we are looking at you.
  4. A Complete Game From Patrick Towles: If we can get a first half against NC State Patrick Towles we could be in good shape. He needs to make good decisions, and be efficient. But if he starts letting the pressure get to him, turns the ball over, and reverts to second half Towles, we are in big trouble.
  5. Make Big Plays On Special Teams: This doesnt have to be Myles Willis taking it to the house, though certainly that wouldn’t hurt. This could also be hitting some big field goals, pinning UL deep on punts, or causing a turnover.

Beer of the Week

Everything Stone Brewing makes is absolutely brilliant, and if you get a chance to try any of their beers, make sure you pick it up. I tried this bad boy out last year at a tailgate, certainly not a “high quantity” beer, but if you want something that makes you go “Damn this is good”, try out Ruination.

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

I need to get jacked up for this game. And if anything musically gets me ready to run through a brick wall it’s DMX. Guy is the angriest man probably to ever pick up a mic. Gets the good ole blood pumping and ready for a high octane matchup.

AJ’s Power of Positivity Thought Of The Week:

Harold Landry, man is this kid fun to watch. He’s a matchup nightmare for any opposing offensive line. If BC wants to win this game, could Landry be that X Factor that causes mayhem and gets to Lamar Jackson. HE CERTAINLY COULD.

Pregame Food Of The Week-

Chili. Ok here you go, it’s starting to get chillier out, and you need a food that will warm the bones if you are tailgating. Chili is a homerun every single time, add a can of light beer and some jalapenos and you’ve hit the sweet spot. Bring extra hot sauce if you got some heat lovers in your crew.

Fire up that BCI Prediction Machine (it’s a sweep across the board this week)

Coach JF (3): 49-17 Louisville

Arthur B (1): 60-14 Louisville

AJ (1): 42-20 Louisville

Grant (1): 55-7 Louisville

Jeff (1/2): 35-21 Louisville (Jeff gets on the board with a half a point, as he was the only person to pick a close NC State win, pretty much closest to the final score)

Joe (1/2): 38-14 Louisville (Joe splits the point with Jeff, as he was the only person to pick BC to win, even if the score was 99.99-0)

Eric H: 38-10 Louisville

Laura B: 41-17 Louisville

BC Superfan Thermometer: 6/10.

There are two reasons I’m excited about this game and they are from two opposing frames of thought. #1 I still get that USC upset feeling every time BC plays a ranked opponent, yes I know we got trucked against Clemson and VT, but hope always springs eternal, and until Lamar Jackson takes it in for his 4th touchdown in the first half, I’ll always believe there’s a shot. Secondly, if BC starts to get blasted out of Alumni Stadium, I’m still excited to see one of the Heisman finalists.

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