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The Sporting News Projects Boston College vs. South Florida at the St. Petersburg Bowl

Sporting News sees sunshine in BC’s future

Clemson Tigers v Boston College Eagles Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

If you’re rooting for a sunny destination for BC football during bowl season, you’ll be heartened by the Sporting News’ projections. Bill Bender became the second major prognosticator this week to predict that the Eagles will be headed to St. Petersburg, Florida to take on USF.

The St. Petersburg Bowl will take place on December 26 at 11 AM at Tropicana Field. Though the game itself will be under a dome, it would be a nice warm weather destination for players, families and fans.

The focus of all these projections is on the three-team tier that BC is a part of in the ACC pecking order, along with fellow 6-6 squads NC State and Wake Forest. Bender projects Wake Forest to Detroit to play Maryland, and N.C. State to play Georgia (!) in Shreveport.

In case you’re wondering, he has Army vs. UCF in the Military Bowl - the other possible landing spot for BC, but one nobody has picked for them so far.