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Women's Basketball Falls to St. Mary's

The Eagles lost by a score of 62-54.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The women's basketball team is now 1-3 on the season following a loss to St. Mary's this evening. This was BC's first home loss of the season.

The Eagles spent the majority of the game behind, although they were able to tie it up late in the game before ultimately falling behind again.

The Eagles made only 38% of their attempted field goals. They were also hurt by fouls, and both Mariella Fasoula and Emma Guy fouled out of the game in the 4th. BC will need to cut down on turnovers and fouls and increase their shooting accuracy if they are going to turn this season around. They will be helped by the return of Emilee Daley, who hit 3 3-pointers tonight.

Fasoula and Kelly Hughes continue to provide the bulk of the points for the Eagles, although that has started to even out as other teams have begun to guard Fasoula more heavily. Fasoula led BC with 16 points tonight, while Hughes had 11. Fasoula and Ella Awobajo led the Eagles in rebounds with 6 apiece.

Next up, the Eagles will head to Colorado for the Omni Hotel Thanksgiving Tournament. They will face SMU on Friday in the first round.