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Boston College 30 UConn 0: Cheers and Jeers

This week there’s a special twist

NCAA Football: Connecticut at Boston College Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

The UConn game, and the home schedule is over, as Boston College sent their seniors away on a positive note. Here are some of the positives and negatives from yesterday’s game


Mike Knoll: I know we have mentioned it before, but we now can say we have a pretty consistent kicker, and one that can drill field goals when needed. We haven’t been able to feel that way since Nate Freese was here. Three field goals yesterday and hit all his extra points. Distance seems like it might be a challenge for Knoll, but anything from 40 in looks like it will be money.

Patrick Towles: Look, I’ll be the first to say that I was all over Addazio for starting Towles over Darius Wade, especially after the miserable performance against FSU. But, like it has been the case all season, Towles looked good against lesser teams/defenses. He was concise hit some nice longer passes and managed the game pretty solidly. Now let’s see if he can carry that momentum in against Wake Forest.

Jeff Smith: Think we have been feeling this all year, get him the ball and he can make plays. I like the change of pace wildcat calls, and am just waiting for him to try to catch the corners cheating in with a pass, but it hasn’t happened yet. His biggest successes came on the edge, where UConn had no chance of stopping his speed.

Harold Landry: Just like Jeff Smith working the edge on offense, Landry was vicious all game collapsing the pocket from the edge. He’s absolutely filthy tearing apart his blocker. God I hope he comes back for one more season.

The Secondary (Particuarly Isaac Yiadom): Just absolutely dominant against a UConn offense that was sputtering all game. Huskies quarterback Donovan Williams was pressured all game which gave the secondary all it needed to prevent any big plays. Three interception (almost had four on the one that was tipped in the air) and some big hits (including William Harris’s non-target call). Bravo guys.

Matt Milano: What a way to end the his home career at the Heights. A pick six that basically sealed the game for the Eagles. Great senior day moment for Milano.


You know what? I don’t have any jeers this week. Sure, I could put in Addazio’s end of the first half decision, or some nit picky offensive play calling things, but screw it. I have been hammering this team and staff all year, and yesterday’s win just felt good. Sure it was against a lower conference team, but this was UConn, a fanbase that hates us to their core, and a program that resents everything we stand for. This was a big game for the Huskies, and they came in to Alumni Stadium, and we kicked their butts back to Storrs.

So for today, let’s just enjoy that, and let’s enjoy that the seniors, a group that have gone through a lot in their four years, got to celebrate with a decisive victory, in what was a surprisingly large crowd. We can complain again soon, don’t worry, but for today’s let relish this win. #SOAR