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HALFTIME: Boston College Leads UConn 10-0

The Eagles started putting things together in the second quarter.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles finally started putting things together in the second quarter, and have opened up a little bit of a lead on Senior Day.

A nice pass from Patrick Towles to Tommy Sweeney turned 3rd and long into 4th and three, then Towles scrambled for a first down to the UConn 7. Moments later, Davon Jones flew into the end zone to open up the day's scoring.

A deep pass by UConn's Donovon Williams put the Huskies in scoring range, but a series of missteps, including an odd fake field goal on 4th and long, kept UConn off the board.

The Eagles responded with a 12-play, 63-yard drive that took up six minutes, and ended with a 35-yard Mike Knoll field goal.

Kam Moore then took away any chances of a last-minute UConn score when he intercepted WIlliams along the left sideline.

Can BC hold on to its halftime lead? Stay with us for the second half!