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Guess The Attendance: BC-UConn

A match up most fans favored and with good weather expected will BC-UConn draw?

Bob Diaco visits the Heights to tackle the Dazzler
Bob Diaco visits the Heights to tackle the Dazzler
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The home football schedule comes to a conclusion this Saturday with a visit from Bob Diaco and the Connecticut Huskies.  This is a game that many BC and UConn fans have been clamoring for and with the Cold War around BC's departure for the ACC thawing somewhat, the programs have agreed to a series of games with the first being played in Chestnut Hill, a return trip to East Hartford on November 18, 2017 and two more games in 2022 and 2023.

Unfortunately, the product on the field hasn't kept up with the expectation of either fan base. You may recall that when BC was searching for its new head coach after the 2012 season, one hot name on the list was Bob Diaco. At the time, the Defensive Coordinator at Notre Dame, as the Irish made their run to the National Championship game against Alabama, Diaco did speak with BC before the Eagles ultimately decided on Steve Addazio with Diaco staying on a year more in South Bend before going to Storrs.

Years later, neither side is very happy with the choices they made.  Diaco is 11-24 .314 overall and just 6-17 .261 in the American, with one bowl bid, last year's 16-10 loss to Marshall in the St Petersburg Bowl and Addazio's woes have been well chronicled here.

So now what? Does the prospect of playing somewhat of a rival, on what looks to be a good November Saturday, on senior day with the goal of making a bowl game still in play, draw a crowd?

The 2004 UConn game here on a Friday night to boot, is listed as a sellout in the media guide.  I think this was more of a near sellout, but still a good crowd.  The last home games the past five seasons have drawn:  28,533 NC State (11/7/15), 30,267 Syracuse (11/29/14), 31,262 NC State (11/16/13) and 34,266 Virginia Tech (11/17/12)..anyone see a trend?