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Boston College Football: 2017 DT Allen Daniels Decommits From Eagles

When things go bad, so does recruiting #ourfault

Clemson v Boston College Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Boston College football isn’t playing well, and it is clear the recruits are noticing. A few weeks ago BC lost their star recruit Kwity Paye to Michigan, and last night in a rather surprising move defensive tackle Allen Daniels announced on Twitter that he was decommitting:

Daniels appeared to be a real good get for the Eagles, and had various other P5 offers and interest that may have sparked his decision. With Truman Gutapfel leaving at the end of this year, Boston College needed depth at the defensive tackle position to compliment Ray Smith and Noa Merritt, but Daniels won’t be the guy. I don’t imagine that this kid will be back.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room here. Recruits are watching the games, they are seeing that the fans aren’t behind this team, and they are looking at the results of these games, and are changing their minds.

Decommits is a normal part of the recruiting process, but it appears that this year there have been more than usual. As much as Addazio wants to blame “negativity” from some people as the reason for their struggles on the recruiting trail, that’s just a smoke screen for the real reason, BC football isn’t attractive to recruits right now. And that isn’t because of people on Twitter, that isn’t because of bloggers or writers, that is on the staff. They created this culture, and these decisions are on them.