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Did Addazio Say It?

How well do you know your head coach? Can you figure out which quotes are real and which are fake?

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While there is no lack of negative news about Steve Addazio in the social media world he has specifically felt some blowback around his overly positive assessments that he has had on his 4-6 team this year. Below are a collection of real quotes from Addazio over the last four years and a couple of fake quotes that he has never said. How well do you know your head coach? Can you figure out which quotes are real and which are fake?

1) Addazio on why the defensive statistics are so down from a year ago.

"Lamar Jackson is a different guy this year than he was a year ago. That's as good of an example as I can show to you."

2) Addazio on social media critics:

"We have these guys on Twitter that are anonymous---really they’re these tough guys in their boxer shorts is what they are---and all they do is say negative things about myself and the program. These guys aren’t real fans. Real fans stick with their team no matter what happens and most of all they don’t question the coach."

3) Addazio on why his team is getting blown out so often this year:

"We attract people's best game, their best shots, because people respect the fact that we play them hard."

4) Addazio on the team’s youth after an 0-4 start in the ACC:

"I don’t talk a lot about it, but we are a young team."

5) Addazio talking about measuring stick games after a 52-7 loss to Louisville

"I think the problem is you just have to look on the film. You've got to watch the film to find out what you're doing in the course of the game, like last week, for example, we played really well on the defensive line last week. It was a game of extremes, so to speak. You got a chunk of it, just so good. So much good tape, and then there's a segment that's not."

6) Addazio on calling a QB sneak from the one yard line down by three with 19 seconds left and no timeouts.

"We just couldn't get it operated quick enough.  I don't remember exactly what it was, 23, 24, 26, it was somewhere in the 20s.  You'd like to think that you could do that with 16 seconds left comfortably.  Even some people will tell you, you can do that with 13 or 14 seconds left.  I probably would not have taken a chance with that but at 20 something seconds we just had to do that… We had to take a shot at the goal line given the history of the field goals.  We had to do that.  There's nothing wrong with that sequence.  We're inexperienced.  There's a lot of youth out there. Even when you're trying to lay things out exact as you can.  It's young guys that have never been in these situations before."

7) Addazio on sticking with the running game with his team 12th in the ACC in rushing yards per carry and 127th in the country in scoring offense:

"I don’t know what to tell you man but you need to watch the tape. We are close. We are close now. I mean do you want us to throw the ball 50 times a game? Is that the solution here? I've been a coach longer than anyone here in this room and I don’t think that’s the key to success. We just need to keep trying to crack that rock."

8) Addazio on if the defense will change with Don Brown leaving

"We are going to be in the same system of defense, the same calls. It will just come down to what we perceive as the percentages of what we do. That will shift. But the last time I checked, Steve Addazio didn't go out and block anybody. Don Brown did not tackle anybody and blitz anybody. It's a players game and we have some great players and those players made some hellacious plays and with all due respect to all coaches myself included, it is a little overrated."

9) Addazio on if there will be any position changes with the Eagles at 127th in total offense and 124th in scoring offense

"We will evaluate like we always do but the short answer is I doubt it. We like what Patrick has been showing us on the tape. It might not show in the box score but this thing is going in the right direction. Again people want to throw all these stats out here to say that we are struggling on offense. The reality is we are a play here or a play there from being one of the better offenses in the conference now. That’s the reality here."

10) Addazio on if the program is moving in the right direction

"I don't think there is any question. I just think that it is hard for me to sit here and predict to anybody the rate of how this is going to move this program. And in my mind, I don't know if you really asked me that, but in my mind it's just every day we're going as hard as we can go, and I believe the arrow is going that way. Ultimately I see this as a great path. Is that one day, eight months, two years? I really don't know the answer to that, but I know the answer to this. We can recruit. We can develop. We've got this wonderful place, Boston College, and there's absolutely no reason why, with work ethic and time --- the needle is going to move."

11) Addazio on negative fans making it difficult for him to recruit

"I think the hardest thing in recruiting sometimes is the other negativity things that unfortunately---you know you sit there and say to yourself is that what you are trying to accomplish? To creative negativity so it will hurt recruiting? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, but you know what I’m beyond going down and talking about that stuff."

12) Addazio on his rushing offense after the team rushed for 28 yards on 34 carries

"That’s our world-Blame. So blame me. Everybody does that’s great. Everyone is looking for someone to blame, someone to heap it all on…You can smirk all you want. It’s what it is. Football’s not that complicated. You get good players, you fundamentally develop them, they sit, they mature, they grow. We were one of the best running teams in the country the last two years. We’re not now. I know what happened. I forgot how to call the run game. You’re right. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know how to call the run game. For the last two years we were an elite running team. Gollee, what a jerk. I can’t call the run game anymore."

"One day we are going to sit and here and I’ll have a long memory. I’ll come back at this podium and I’ll look out here and I’ll tell you I told you."

Answer key:

Fake quotes were questions 2,7,9

Real quotes were: question 1 (11/5/16), question 3 (11/11/16), question 4 (10/24/16), question 5 (10/27/16), question 6 (10/10/14), question 8 (2016 Media Day), question 10 (2013 Media Day), question 11 (10/14/16), question 12 (11/7/15)