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Boston College Sticking With Patrick Towles. But Why?

Darius Wade has hardly been tested, but Addazio insists Towles should be starting

Clemson v Boston College Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

In the laundry list of problems that Boston College has faced this season, quarterback play has to be up there on that list. Before the season head coach Steve Addazio addressed a glaring need by snagging transfer quarterback Patrick Towles, and hiring “quarterback guru” Scot Loeffler to run the offense. Not to beat a dead horse but what we have seen has been nothing less than “poor” play at the position. Towles has struggled, putting together probably two good quarters of football against ACC opponents.

I went to look up Patrick Towels statistics to compare him to other quarterbacks, and the site I use to get data gave me a startling response. lists only the top 100 QB’s for any given stat, and for most of them Towles isn’t listed. If he is clearly not even in the top 75% of the quarterbacks in college football, why is Addazio stubbornly sticking with him? During yesterday’s radio show, Addazio claimed that Towles 11 pass attempts were not enough to judge him on, which seems ridiculous because he played three quarters of the game. But it isn’t just the FSU game, look at his track record against the ACC. Currently he he has an 87 rating against the ACC, good for dead last in the ACC. He averages 105 yards against the conference, and sports a 2 touchdown, 5 interception rating.

Addazio has maintained that what he has seen out of Towles makes him the best QB on the roster. But what does that say about Darius Wade, a redshirt sophomore, with two more years of eligibility on the roster? Look, this post isn’t meant to trash Towles, but he only has two (maybe three games left at BC) and I just strongly believe that Wade should be given a shot. Those who have said they haven’t been impressed with Wade are not giving him a chance either. How can you accurately judge him? He played two halves against FCS schools last year before getting destroyed by Florida State, and this season Addazio has just thrown him in to hand the ball off and kill the clock.

I think it’s time for Wade to get his shot against the Huskies. Patrick Towles seems like a nice enough kid, but Darius needs to show us what he can and can’t do so that BC knows what they have moving forward. UConn would the perfect opportunity to give Wade a chance. Get him tuned up against an out of conference foe at home, and prepare him for the final game at Wake Forest. Also I understand that Addazio is probably leaving Towles in there to salvage this season, but given the stats, and what we have seen how could Wade be any worse?