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Boston College Football Radio Recap: Addazio Talks Recruiting, Struggles And UConn

Boston College v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Steve Addazio’s weekly radio show occurred this evening, and there certainly were some points that needs to be reviewed. Here are some of the talking points he brought up in his hour long program:

  • Addazio started the episode off by talking about the Florida State game. When Meter asked him if he would continue using Patrick Towles, he said he would, because it wouldn’t be fair to judge him on the 11 passes he threw against the Seminoles. He barely mentioned Darius Wade in this segment, but again talked up Anthony Brown again. Yeah I don’t know either.
  • Then when talking about their schedule, Addazio dialed up his discussion about playing good teams, and when talking about Louisville, he said that BC “Played a good game” against the Cardinals. They lost by 45 points.
  • After three minutes (I timed it), he was done talking about the FSU game, and asked Meterparel to move on from the topic.
  • The show moved on to talking about UConn, in which Addazio praised their defense and their offense. Their offense is ranked 127th in the country. Then in the next breath, he actually said something I agree with, when Meter tried talking about the rivalry with the two schools, Addazio said “they are not our rivals, Syracuse and Notre Dame are”. Fair point.
  • Addazio said that he was excited for the large crowd he expected, and the energy they would be bringing on Saturday.
  • After talking up UConn for a while, Addazio went back to blasting those (us) who have been negative about the program, and blamed us for their recruiting problems. He is happy about the class they have, but cites the negative people again for causing more problems for his staff. Maybe it has more to do with getting your doors blown off by ACC foes then the media, I dunno.
  • After a commercial break, John Johnson was brought out, and he did a nice job talking about his time at BC, and what Saturday means to him, and all those good moments a player interview can bring.
  • Addazio then returned in the final segment to remind us again that this rebuild is a long process and that he has not had the luxury of being able to redshirt players. He seemed pretty upset about this as he mentioned that he has had to tell us all this multiple times, and we just don’t get it. He also then brought up that BC redshirted Matt Ryan, because HEY that’s relevant.
  • To end the episode Pete Cronin joked that people in Wellesley saw Addazio buying a silver shovel to break ground on the Indoor Practice Facility. They all chuckled.