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Enough Is Enough: It’s Time For Steve Addazio To Go

Boston College is floating listlessly through the ACC. They need changes, and they need it immediately.

Clemson v Boston College Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images


These numbers are all you need to know about this season, and the state of the BC football program. The direction of the program is clear, under, it’s going nowhere, and no matter how much Pete Cronin, Mack Brown and Steve Addazio want to spin it, it’s not getting better. Change needs to happen, for the betterment of the school, the fans and most importantly the program and it needs to happen quickly.

Back in September we saw BC get plastered by Virginia Tech, and we might have rationalized that it was early in the season, Addazio would right the ship. Then we got blasted by Clemson at home on National Television, and thought to ourselves, “eh it’s Clemson, they almost won the title”. Then Louisville happened, and then last night BC got shredded by an FSU team that had no right crushing a team like that. Enough of these excuses, it’s time for change.

Look, I’ll be the first to admit, that I fell for Steve Addazio when Boston College hired him. The “Be A Dude” campaign, his first year as he took Andre Williams and brought the program back to bowl eligibility and respect. Then 2014 happened, and he rode lightning in a bottle with Tyler Murphy who had an other worldly season with a huge win over USC. It was exciting, it seemed like things were going to be okay. Then 2015 happened. The offense looked archaic created in the 1920’s, while Don Brown and his defense did a heroic job keeping a putrid offense in games they had no business being in. Then Brown left, and now we are left with Addazio, and the results are speaking for themselves. Embarrassment week after week when the games count, and some meaningless wins against some cupcake out of conference opponents. The NC State win was nice, but again I point to Dave Doeren falling all over himself to give the game to BC, not Addazio doing what it takes to win that game.

Addazio all season has been telling anyone who will listen that the team is real close to being good. I have no idea what metric he is using because everything I have seen shows Boston College going backwards. The offensive line, Addazio’s “bread and butter”, is an unmitigated disaster. They can’t stop anyone, open holes, and make loads of mistakes. He even brought in offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler, an alleged QB guru, to work with Patrick Towles, yet the graduate transfer seems to be as ineffective as he was when he was benched at Kentucky. And the defense, just a season after being the best in the nation, is a complete shell of itself. Addazio put that on himself in the summer, so when they suffer he has to take the blame as well.

After almost two seasons of historically bad football it’s clear that it’s time for Steve Addazio to go. Not next year, not in January, NOW. If that means Athletic Director Brad Bates needs to go as well so we can start a proper search, then by all means make the move. Fans and donors will agree that Addazio has lost the right to finish this season, after consistently making Boston College look like a joke week after week against ACC foes. There are plenty of options for BC to use for the final two weeks of the season, Paul Pasqualoni, Al Washington, it doesn’t matter. It just can’t be Addazio.

The damage caused to the program is right in front of us. An offense that can’t move the ball, a defense that can’t stop an ACC offense. Boston College needs to stop the damage, and make changes and they need to do it now. BC has the financial resources to absorb this bad contract and hire the right guy. Let’s just hope the school agrees, and makes the move quickly.