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This Game Is Over: Boston College Down 35 After Third Quarter Against FSU

I’m going to bed, you can write in the final score.

NCAA Football: Boston College at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College had no answers to anything Florida State did on offense or defense. Deondre Francois shredded the Boston College offense, as he put up 35 points after three quarters. Dalvin Cook looked pretty solid against BC’s vaunted rushing defense.

On the other end BC’s offense was completely ineffective. Patrick Towles struggled to find an open receiver, and the BC running game couldn’t get anything rolling against FSU. There was no big mistakes on the offense, but goodness, they couldn’t get anything rolling.

Yes, this post is going up after the third quarter, I’m going to bed, I love this team, but after three quarters I’ve seen enough, and Steve Addazio hasn’t recovered against a 14 point deficit, can’t imagine they will come back with one quarter left against FSU down 35.

The 4-6 BC is back home again next weekend against the University of Connecticut. Hopefully next weeks performance won’t be so weak.