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Boston College vs. FSU: Final Thoughts And Predictions

Friday Night Lights in Tallahassee, who is going to emerge victorious?

NCAA Football: Louisville at Boston College Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been kind of a surreal week, as other news (and no I’m not getting into it on here) have completed blocked out the fact that there is a college football game tonight. Not only is there a game, but it’s against another ranked opponent, this time the Florida State Seminoles. In year’s past BC has been able to hang with the Seminoles, but this year feels a little different, will the Eagles be able to keep this close, or is it going to be another blow out?

Keys To Victory

  1. Fix The Deep Ball Coverage: I know Addazio has said that BC has used multiple looks to cover the deep ball, but just watching it live it looks to me that most of these coverages are man to man, with no safety help. Against teams with less explosive wide outs that’s fine, but as we have seen against Clemson/Louisville, heck even Syracuse they are going to get torched if the front line doesn’t get home at the QB.
  2. Short Leash For Towles: Again I’m going disagree with Addazio on his assessment of Patrick Towles. I think we have seen enough of this kid to know how his game will go after a few drives. Coaches should be able to get an accurate assessment of what he is going to give in a game quickly. If he starts to struggle, things fall apart quickly, and the wheels fall off. If he is confident, well he can move the sticks. Just saying, if he starts to fall apart quickly, yank him, get Darius Wade in there.
  3. Strong Tackling: We saw last weekend what happens when you try and arm tackle a fast runner. Hit Dalvin Cook and hit him hard, and he’ll go down. Otherwise, forget about it.
  4. Quick Passes: At this point I’m asking the offense to reinvent the wheel, and believe me I know it’s not going to happen. When BC has been effective passing the ball it’s when they get rid of it quick. It helps to negate some of the deficiencies up front, it keeps Towles from imploding on himself, and it just gets the ball in the hands of receivers quickly. Do it more often, the longer Towles waits back there the worse the outcome it seems.
  5. Limit Mistakes: Every week I am going to keep saying this, because it’s the only way BC is going to win. This key is for players and coaches.

Beer of the Week

Whirlpool- Night Shift Brewery

A perfect beer for an evening football game against a ranked opponent. Light on the alcohol content but still has that flavor you get from a pale ale. Meaning, you could drink a lot of them, which you might need. Night Shift is a great local brewery as well, located around Boston, definitely check them out if you are ever in the area.

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

After a tough week it just feels necessary to have Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta blasting. Just a nice mellow song, to chill us all out. Not angry, just chill. We need it.

AJ’s Power of Positivity Thought Of The Week:

Hey Mike Knoll, you’ve had a pretty good season. Keep it up bud, I’m glad that you have become a reliable kicker for us. Troy Flutie, I think I owe you a thanks too, for holding those kicks. No seriously, after watching footballs being set at a 45 degree angle during field goal attempts the past two years, it’s refreshing to see them perfectly placed week after week.

Pregame Food Of The Week-

Buffalo Chicken Dip. Cholesterol be damned, just take the whole damn vat and jam it in my mouth right this very moment.

Let’s Raise Some Money

As Joe mentioned earlier this week we are raising money for BARCC a local community resource that helps rape/sexual assault victims, as well as providing outreach and education to the community. Joe and his crew are raising donations to this through a hockey pledge. All my football folks out there, let’s join them by either doing a hockey pledge, or if you want to be like me a football pledge. Being the negative nancy that I am, I pledged $3 everytime BC goes #RRPP (Run, run, pass, punt). You could do that, or if you want to a positive pat, you could make a pledge on the amount of points BC scores, sacks they make. Whatever, the point is, this is a great organization that needs our help (CLICK HERE FOR THE SPREADSHEET TO MAKE YOUR PLEDGE). Florida State fans you can join in as well, and help make a difference.

Fire up that BCI Prediction Machine (our fearless leader is going with the upset)

Coach JF (3): 34-14 Florida State

Grant (2): 48-7 Florida State (Grant almost completed nailed the score of the Louisville game, and he grabs the point to climb into second place)

Arthur B (1): 35-3 Florida State

AJ (1): 42-7 Florida State

Jeff (1/2): 35-17 Florida State

Joe (1/2): 24-21 Boston College (BOOM!)

Eric H: 34-10 Florida State

Laura B: 45-10 Florida State

BC Superfan Thermometer: 2/10.

(Via Twitter)

Sorry folks, I just can not get myself up for this game. In the midst of a tough week emotionally, getting excited for a game BC is projected to lose by 20+ points is hard to get up for. I imagine many of you are feeling like me on this one.

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