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Bowl Projections: BC Back In The Hunt

Can BC eek out a bowl this season? Some are starting to believe.

NCAA Football: Boston College at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

It was only a week ago that we were on here complaining about the coaching staff, the play of the team and the outlook of another 3-9 season. Well, look how one win can change the outlook of the program. After defeating N.C. State it appears that there are at least one lock of a win on the schedule (UConn) that would leave us at 5-7, and possibly two wins with Wake Forest.

Some of the bowl projections are starting to give us some love. Let’s see where BC ended up this week:

SBNation: Independence Bowl against Northwestern (they have us getting in at 5-7)

CBS Sports/Jerry Palm: Nope

Sports Channel 8 (in North Carolina): Quick Lane Bowl in Detroit

ESPN: Nope

Campus Insiders: Nope, but have a 5-7 Syracuse team in.

Sporting News: Independence Bowl against Western Kentucky

Fansided: I don’t have enough time to go through an entire slideshow to get the answer. If you figure it out, leave the results in the comments.

Note: Bowl projections that have a 5-7 Syracuse team in over a 5-7 BC team are incorrect by rule. 5-7 teams are selected by APR scores, in which BC holds the edge.