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HALFTIME: Clemson Leads Boston College 21-3

BC had its chances in the second quarter, but couldn't capitalize.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

After a pretty disastrous first quarter, Boston College put together a very nice drive to start the second. Unfortunately, the Eagles couldn't finish it off, after they failed to score on both 3rd and 4th and goal inside the Clemson 1-yard line, with a pair of jumbled snap exchanges ruining things.

The Eagle defense would then force a Clemson three-and-out, giving the offense the ball again inside Clemson territory. Once again, BC would put a few nice plays together, but ultimately come up empty and have to punt it away.

The Eagles got one final opportunity just before the half, but a vicious hit knocked the ball out of quarterback Patrick Towles' hands, and Clemson recovered to take us to intermission.